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Wellness Evidence is the first portal designed to help you easily find medical evidence for thousands of authoritative studies that evaluate the benefits of wellness modalities, such as acupuncture, meditation, massage or yoga.

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Medical Evidence for Wellness Approaches

Wellness Evidence gives you direct access to three of the most respected evidence-based medicine databases. is the first website that provides direct access to the current medical evidence for the most mainstream wellness approaches. With thousands of clinical studies evaluating the effectiveness of approaches from chiropractic to weight loss, the site was designed to make it easier for the millions of people seeking alternative health solutions, for medical professionals selecting courses of treatment, and for companies designing employee wellness programs, to research wellness alternatives at the most authoritative sources of evidence-based medicine.

The heart of the website is its research platform, which allows users to search four highly respected, evidence-based medical databases— PubMed, The Cochrane Library and TRIP—to access the universe of meta-reviews and clinical trials on wellness approaches.