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The Global Wellness Institute initiates, analyzes, and trumpets authoritative wellness industry research. We believe that accurate and in-depth research and data on the wellness economy—and its 11 sectors—are the foundation of the Institute’s goal to empower wellness worldwide.

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2021 Global Wellness Economy: Looking Beyond COVID

The 2021 Global Wellness Institute research–the most in-depth in its history–reveals that the wellness market grew to a record $4.9 trillion in 2019 and then fell to $4.4 trillion in the pandemic year of 2020. But with a consumer “values shift” underway, the future of the wellness market is incredibly bright, predicted to grow 10% annually through 2025.

Defining the Mental Wellness Economy

The Global Wellness Institute’s groundbreaking report, “Defining the Mental Wellness Economy,” focuses on the business of mental wellness—and explores the programs and products that are driving the mental wellness economy in four sub-sectors of this $121 billion global market.
“Defining the Mental Wellness Economy” is also available in Chinese here.

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The Global Wellness Economy

The wellness economy is a colossal global industry, estimated by the Global Wellness Institute at $4.4 trillion. The wellness economy encompasses eleven varied and diverse sectors, which enable consumers to incorporate wellness activities and lifestyles into their daily lives.

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About the GWI Wellness Industry Research

The Global Wellness Institute is the first and only organization to conduct comprehensive, objective, and global research on the wellness industry. GWI strives to be the go-to resource for those seeking to understand how wellness has become a driving force in today’s global economy.Thanks to the generous support of philanthropic partners along with corporate and individual donors, GWI research is available free to the public as part of our mission to empower wellness worldwide.

GWI’s research team has been studying wellness, both as a concept and as an industry, since 2008. We first defined and measured the wellness economy in 2014, and these figures are updated and released every 2-3 years in the Global Wellness Economy Monitor. Our other reports provide in-depth analysis and data for specific wellness sectors, as well as broad and cross-cutting exploration of wellness at the nexus of consumer markets, business opportunities, and government policy-making.

Please note that all reports are the property of the Global Wellness Institute. Quotation of; citation from; and reference to any of the data, findings and research methodology from the reports must be credited to the Global Wellness Institute. To obtain permission for copying and reproduction, please contact the Global Wellness Institute by email at [email protected].

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