Definition of Stress Management

  • Stress/Psychological Distress Radically Increases Risk of Death 
    A large, pooled meta-analysis of ten population-based studies by NHS Scotland (2012) aimed to quantify the link between stress levels and cause-specific mortality. Tracking 68,000+ initially cancer-free subjects over 8+ years, the findings were grim: moderate stress increased the risk of death by 40%. Highly symptomatic stress increased it by more than 90%, with deaths largely due to heart disease, cancer and accidents. Cancer death was only associated with higher level stress.
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  • Group Mindfulness Therapy on Par with Individual Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Reducing Stress and Depression
    Because one-on-one cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is in short supply and expensive, researchers at Lund University, Sweden undertook a randomized controlled trial (2015, 215 patients) that compared the impact of eight weeks of regular CBT to mindfulness-based group therapy for patients with anxiety, stress and depression disorders. In both groups, anxiety and depression scores decreased significantly with no significant, statistical differences between the two groups.
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  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Leads to Brain Changes and Symptom Improvement for GAD subjects
    The first trial to investigate the neural mechanisms that result from a program of mindfulness based-stress reduction (MBSR), undertaken by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (2013), found that an eight-week course of MBSR not only decreased symptoms for people with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). Through brain imaging, the researchers identified significant changes in the fronto-limbic areas of the brain (the amygdala), crucial for the regulation of emotion and “stress response.” Researchers argued these neural changes corresponded with the reported symptom improvements.
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  • Group Program Benefited Those with Extensive Symptoms of Work-Related Stress
    An Aarhus University Hospital (Denmark) randomized trial revealed that a three-month group-based stress management program significantly affected perceived stress and positive reframing in people with extensive symptoms of work-related stress.
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