The Global Wellness Economy: Looking Beyond COVID-19

To be released at the 2021 Global Wellness Summit, November 30–December 3 in Boston, Massachusetts, US

COVID-19 has upended our world, from our way of life – what we hold dear and what we have lost – to our communities, businesses, and the global economy. Wellness has never been more important, as more people look to healthy lifestyles and different strategies to maintain physical and mental health and to stave off the horrible threat of COVID and the mental stress that it brought. And yet, as the middle class and working class lose their livelihoods all around the world and many wellness businesses shuttered their doors, others are flourishing. In our last Global Wellness Economy Monitor the wellness economy was estimated at $4.5 trillion. Is the wellness economy a winner or loser in this massive upheaval? What has changed, and what is the future direction of the wellness economy? The 2021 GWI research study will answer these questions and will update the size of the global wellness economy and its key sectors. The findings will be unveiled at the Global Wellness Summit in November 2021.