Past Initiatives

Global Wellness Institute Initiatives should remain relevant, evolving and changing overtime to reflect the current wellness economy landscape. Therefore, the GWI routinely evaluates all existing Initiatives. The outcome could be: a) moving forward with the Initiative as is, b) merging with another Initiative, c) ending the Initiative, or d) changing the Initiative Chair. Initiatives should be fluid and relevant, and they should evolve, be nimble and change over time—and, at the appropriate time, come to a close.

Below, you will find a list of successful past Initiatives. You can learn more about their accomplishments, deliverables and resources by clicking on them.

Past Programs

Mentorship ProgramWellness CommunitiesWellness and Government

The Global Wellness Institute serves as an umbrella organization for numerous Initiatives, that are independently chaired and run. The resources, editorial, research and opinions presented by the Initiatives do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Global Wellness Institute.