The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) supports a variety of industry Initiatives, furthering the international conversation about wellness in its many and varied forms. Each GWI Initiative is led by an Initiative Chair, who is a renowned thought-leader in his or her particular area of focus.

Here is a link to a document including detailed information on how to start an Initiative, communication guidelines and best practices, how to evolve an Initiative, etc. It also includes guidelines for Initiative members. If you are interested in connecting to an Initiative Chair, please fill out this form so we can learn more about you, which Initiative you are interested in and how you would like to be involved. We will review this information and introduce you to the appropriate Initiative Chair.

Global Initiatives

The Africa Wellness Initiative (AWI) aims to promote African wellness through strengthening wellness institutions, training and human resources development.  READ MORE

This Initiative aims to explore winning happiness and wellbeing indices that can be implemented in all parts of the world as a new metric beyond GDP.   READ MORE

The Clean Water Initiative (CWI) aims to reduce wastage of water, make clean and potable water affordable in areas it is inaccessible, and improve levels of sanitation and hygiene there. READ MORE

The Consulting Best Practices Initiative aims to help individuals and businesses evaluate when a consultant would benefit them, as well as provide guidelines on the selection process. READ MORE

The Dying Well Initiative’s core objective is to facilitate an ongoing, global conversation about death and dying. READ MORE

This Initiative brings together thought leaders to serve as a think tank evaluating research and advocating for policy and education on the healthy use and adoption of technology. READ MORE

This Initiative will investigate the use and benefits of salt therapies, and provide guidance for those who want to understand and best utilize salt therapy to benefit their clientele. READ MORE

The vision of the First 1000 Days Initiative is to positively impact the health of future generations across the world. READ MORE

The Hormonal Wellness Initiative seeks to perfrom active research leading to hormonal wellness education and protocols. READ MORE

The Hot Springs Initiative is an international wellness think tank dedicated to exploring the diverse values of geothermal waters for health, tourism and community. READ MORE

This Initiative aims to increase transparency and awareness in the design and implementation of all elements of facilities involving thermal and wet treatments. READ MORE

This Initiative highlights the success and essence of destination spas & wellness retreats and presents findings from current and on-going research to the global community. READ MORE

The Initiative creates a coalition of awakened conscious leaders to facilitate healing, growth and wellness at this historic time of need and opportunity. READ MORE

The Massage Makes Me Happy Initiative aims to celebrate the healing powers of massage therapy and promote its benefits through research and education, advocacy and global awareness. READ MORE

The Mental Wellness Initiative aims to understand those pathways that help people stay well and thrive mentally as well as physically. READ MORE

This Initiative commits to developing simple tools for the industry to help disseminate practical and easy to follow guidelines on the how to’s of Nutrition for Healing. READ MORE

This Initiative works to build consensus and nurture a collaborative approach to leadership in a new field that holds the possibility of bringing relief and healing to many. READ MORE

The Sleep Initiative’s initial focus is on uncovering the factors that contribute to restorative sleep and sharing tips on how to incorporate these into lifestyles, homes and hotels around the world. READ MORE

The Social Impact Initiative will identify and communicate evidence-based healthy living efforts that companies and communities are working on together to benefit society. READ MORE

This initiative aims to bring broader awareness, research, education and transformational experiences through the healing power of sound, music and acoustic resonance/vibrational therapies. READ MORE

This Initiative will provide information for GWI Initiatives & wellness professionals who want to contribute through (in) their company and/or in their city to the global efforts of helping people live richer, fuller and longer lives. READ MORE

This Initiative brings together diverse thought leaders with the purpose of raising awareness on how our surroundings directly impact us. READ MORE

This Initiative brings together top thinkers and doers, who offer thought leadership on the impact of wellness at work in the global community. READ MORE

This Initiative will explore how community environments can increase personal wellness. READ MORE

The Wellness Coaching Initiative will empower individuals and businesses around the world to confidently partner with wellness coaches, optimizing health and wellbeing.READ MORE

Its logical that cancer patients and survivors need to visit spas to de-stress and heal, but yet very few spas are trained or have invested in appropriate training. READ MORE

The goal of the Wellness for Children Initiative is to create awareness of the need for children and young people to be actively involved in their own wellness. READ MORE

The Wellness Innovation Initiative recognizes and supports promising companies sitting at the intersection of wellness, innovation and technology. READ MORE

The key purpose of the Wellness Tourism Initiative is to create a global platform of lead stakeholders in what has become one of the fastest growing tourism segments. READ MORE

This Initiative aims to encourage and promote ‘Lean In Circles’ throughout the wellness industry, to ensure that future female leaders have a framework of support and motivation. READ MORE

This Initiative is planning to define the ancient and evolving, multidimensional science of yoga therapy as a legitimate wellness technology for the 21st century. READ MORE


The Global Wellness Institute serves as an umbrella organization for numerous Initiatives, that are independently chaired and run. The resources, editorial, research and opinions presented by the Initiatives do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Global Wellness Institute.