The Global Wellness Institute is the authoritative source for research on the global wellness economy. We are the only organization that produces market data and analysis for all eleven wellness sectors and for over 200 countries worldwide. GWI’s research team has been studying wellness, both as a concept and as an industry, since 2008, and we first defined and measured the global wellness economy in 2014. We are recognized for our extensive expertise and rigorous methodologies, which we use to define and quantify large and emerging wellness sectors that have never been measured before–including wellness tourism, wellness real estate, mental wellness, physical activity, thermal/mineral springs, spas, and many others.

GWI’s wellness economy figures are updated and released every 2-3 years in our flagship publication, the Global Wellness Economy Monitor. This publication provides:

  • Global economic data on the wellness economy and its eleven sectors, including size, growth trends, and future forecasts.
  • Regional breakdowns for the wellness economy and its eleven sectors.
  • In-depth chapters containing data tables and analysis for individual wellness sectors, including subsector breakdowns and top twenty markets (as available).
  • GWI’s analysis of global forces shaping the trajectory of the wellness economy, both now and into the future.

In GWI’s other reports, we do deep-dive analysis on individual wellness sectors. To view our one-off, in-depth reports for specific sectors, visit Reports by Topic/Sector.

Most Recent Global Wellness Economy Data

2023 Global Wellness Economy Monitor

The 2023 Global Wellness Institute research reveals that the wellness economy has made a powerful recovery from the pandemic, reaching $5.6 trillion in 2022. This report is packed with data capturing the growth and trends in the global wellness economy and its 11 sectors from 2019-2022.

Two companion resources provide additional geographical coverage and breakdowns of the wellness economy data, at the regional and country level (2019-2022 time series data).

2024 Global Wellness Economy: Country Rankings (2019-2022 data)

A companion to GWI’s 2023 Global Wellness Economy Monitor, this report is the only place to find detailed regional and country-level data on the size of the wellness industry. It ranks 145 countries by the size of their wellness economies, compares wellness to the size of each country’s overall economy, examines per capita spending on wellness at the country level, and explores post-pandemic recovery of the wellness market across different countries. The report also provides a summary analysis and data profile for the wellness economy across six global regions.

Geography of Wellness: Country Reports

With the support of exclusive Country Partners, GWI is releasing detailed wellness sector data for individual countries for the first time. Each country’s wellness economy data is presented on a dedicated country webpage, as well as in a detailed Wellness Economy Country Report, which shows the composition of the country’s wellness economy, growth rates, and other exclusive data by sector and subsector.

Archived Editions of the Global Wellness Economy Monitor

2021 The Global Wellness Economy: Looking Beyond Covid
2022 Global Wellness Economy: Country Rankings (2017-2020 data)
2018 Global Wellness Economy Monitor
2017 Global Wellness Economy Monitor
2014 Global Spa & Wellness Economy Monitor

The Global Wellness Economy

The wellness economy is a colossal global industry, estimated by the Global Wellness Institute at $5.6 trillion in 2022. The wellness economy encompasses eleven varied and diverse sectors, which enable consumers to incorporate wellness activities and lifestyles into their daily lives. For more information and detailed definitions, visit: What Is the Wellness Economy?

About the GWI Wellness Economy Research

The Global Wellness Institute is the first and only organization to conduct comprehensive, objective, and global research on the wellness industry. GWI strives to be the go-to resource for those seeking to understand how wellness has become a driving force in today’s global economy. Thanks to the generous support of philanthropic partners along with corporate and individual donors, GWI research is available free to the public as part of our mission to empower wellness worldwide.

Please note that all reports are the property of the Global Wellness Institute. Quotation of, citation from, and reference to any of the data, findings and research methodology from the reports must be credited to the Global Wellness Institute. To obtain permission for copying and reproduction, please contact the Global Wellness Institute by email at [email protected].