Susie Ellis Scholarship
for Equity in Wellness

The Susie Ellis Scholarship for Equity in Wellness aims to create more inclusivity at the annual Global Wellness Summit by providing financial assistance to members of an underserved population to join the conference each year, ultimately empowering recipients to return to their local communities and become leaders in the wellness industry.

The scholarship is named for Susie Ellis, GWI & GWS Chair & CEO, who has been at the helm of the Summit and its sister non-profit organization, the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), since inception and is very vocal about her commitment to bringing more equity to the wellness industry.


The fund aims to create more inclusivity by providing financial assistance to members of underserved populations to benefit from the knowledge, networking and experience of the Global Wellness Summit each year.


Recent News

The 2022 recipients were: Esther Ajari, founder and director of The TriHealthon, a Nigerian-based multi-award-winning non-profit; and Demetria McNeal, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Associate Director of Health Equity…



The application deadline has passed.
We will announce the scholarship recipients by the middle of September 2023.


 The deserving recipients for 2022 were Esther Ajari and Demetria McNeal who joined over 400 delegates in Tel Aviv.  READ MORE