Global Thermal Think Tanks (G3T)

Each year before and after the Global Wellness Summit, hot springs owners, operators, senior managers and researchers from across the globe discuss a range of industry issues and opportunities to collaborate and grow together.

Unfortunately in 2020 as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic the planned Global Thermal Think Tank events in Israel and also in Georgia were not able to proceed. Instead we produced an on-line live global soaking event that included a combination of live and pre-recorded hot springs bathing experiences from countries across the global. This was made possible by the generous support of our members in particular David Dronet and his team at The Springs Resort at Pagosa Springs in Colorado. The following is a edited version of the three hour activity.

  • 2020 SoakEmber Video David Dronet
  • Past Events

    Global Thermal Think Tank (G3T) Japan – Program – Shuzenji, Marriott Resort, 18-20 October, 2019

    Global Thermal Think Tank (G3T) Japan – Program – UEDA 18-20 October, 2019

    (Note: The Ueda conference was unfortunately not able to proceed due to the typhoon that tragically struck the region days before the conference was due to proceed. We provide this program to honour and thank all the people from Nagano and Ueda who worked very hard to prepare for the event that was unable to proceed.)

    Global Thermal Think Tank (G3T) China – Bishuiwan Hot Springs Resort, 12-13 October, 2019

    2019 Videos

    Global Thermal Think Tank (G3T)

  • Hot Talks video JCK Rough


    G3T China 2019

    G3T Japan 2019

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    G3T Italy 2018

    G3T USA 2017

    G3T Germany 2016

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