Hot Springs Initiative
Trends 2019

TREND 1: Hot springs design for all of life enjoyment

Hot springs are being designed with infants and seniors in mind to provide environments, activities and accessibility for people at all stages of life. Experiences range from baby baths and walk-in pools to massaging hydrojets and water slides. Whether it is high energy fun or low impact and easy entry pools, hot springs facility design is taking heed of the visitors’ age and ability (mobility). Within the facilities and in different resorts in hot springs regions, facilities are providing separate spaces for high and low energy activities enabling tranquility and activity to be offered without compromising the experience of either.


TREND 2: Hot springs a magnet for and leader of community connection

As places where the community comes together for health, wellbeing and connection, hot springs are engaging with the broader community in which they are located. This can take the form of providing health and fitness programs with special midweek entry prices targeting local visitors, but it also involves direct engagement with community organizations through philanthropy and social service. In particular, issues of community mental and physical health are areas where hot springs are able to contribute to the fabric of the community in which they are located.


TREND 3: Wellness program integration into the hot springs experience

Massage, yoga, Pilates, hot-cold experiences, forest bathing (Shinrin-yoku), aquatherapy and many more activities are being woven into the hot springs offering, stretching the reach beyond the traditional relaxation and escape market to the pro-active, self-help, life engaging and motivated consumer.


TREND 4: Hot Springs connecting visitors to the natural environment for mental and spiritual health (Mind-Body-Spirit-ENVIRONMENT)

Increasingly evidence-based research is being conducted showing the connection between nature and mental and spiritual health. Hot springs stemming from the earth with life and health enhancing minerals and natural warmth provide an all-weather and all-seasons connection to the environment. Hot springs designs are focusing on providing an aesthetic and physical connection to the environment and with that comes a sublime and almost subliminal health outcome—a sense of being connected to and at one with the natural environment.


TREND 5: Extreme Bathing—Extreme Wellness—putting our bodies in uncomfortable situations for good health

Hot springs in mountains and natural wilderness settings are playing host to extreme wellness retreats and adventures. The extreme comfort of natural hot pools provides a stark contrast to bathing in snow-covered mountain streams. Hot saunas and cold plunge pools. Walking in wilderness areas and laying in portable heated hydro hammocks or makeshift steam room tents. Pushing our bodies to extremes helps stimulate the immune system and the body’s self-healing mechanisms and is getting the attention of the global media and the global health-conscious consumer.


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