Hot Springs Initiative Resources

The Hot Springs Initiative intention is to connect the global community of hot springs and geothermal resources by raising awareness of this unique and distinct segment of global recreation, health and tourism industry (community). The following are a list of helpful resources.

2023 World Bathing Day

Hot Springs Symposium

Peninsula Hot Springs, Australia, June 27th, 2023

Hot Springs Symposium Program & Profiles

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Awaken Festival at Peninsula Hot Springs

2023 G3T Global Thermal Think Tank

Tour of New Zealand and Australian Geothermal Springs

June 21-30, 2023

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Hot Springs Initiative Books

Healing With Water: English Spas and The Water Cure, 1840-1960
Jane M. Adams, 2015
Hiking Hot Springs in the Pacific Northwest Evie Litton and Sally Jackson; FalconGuides, 2014
Touring Hot Springs Montana and Wyoming Jeff Birkby; FalconGuides, 2013
Hot Springs and Hot Pools of the Northwest (Kindle Edition) Marjorie Gersh-Young; Aqua Thermal Access, 2013
Hot Springs of Western Washington Jesse W. Love; Kaleidoscope Publications, 2013
Hot Springs: Images of America Robert K. Raines; Arcadia Publishing, 2013
Touring Hot Springs California and Nevada Matt C. Bischoff; FalconGuides, 2012
Touring Colorado Hot Springs Susan Joy Paul and Carl Wambach; FalconGuides, 2012
Hot Springs & Hot Pools of the Southwest: Jayson Loam’s Original Guide Marjorie Gersh-Young; Aqua Thermal Access, 2011
Health and Wellness Tourism: Spas and Hot Springs Patricia Erfurt-Cooper and Malcolm Cooper; Channel View Publications, 2009
Geothermal Living Örn Daniel Jónsson, 2009
Spas & Hot Springs of Mexico “Mexico” Mike Nelson, 2008
Touring New Mexico Hot Springs Matt C. Bischoff; FalconGuides, 2008
Hot Springs and Hot Pools of the Northwest: Jayson Loam’s Original Guide Marjorie Gersh-Young; Aqua Thermal Access, 2008
Geothermal Thermal: An Alternative Resource for the 21st Century Harsh Gupta and Sukanta Roy; Elsevier, 2007
A Guide to Japanese Hot Springs Sally Jackson; Raupo Publishing (NZ) Ltd., 2006
Geothermal Energy Resources for Developing Countries D. Chandrasekharam and J. Bundschuh; Swets & Zeitlinger, 2002
Stories from a Heated Earth, Our Geothermal Heritage Raffaele Cataldi, Geothermal Resources Council and International Geothermal Association ; Geothermal Resources Council, 1999
A Guide to Japanese Hot Springs Anne Hotta and Yoko Ishiguro; Kodansha America, 1986

Hot Springs Initiative Presentations

Hydro-Thermal Therapies are Essential for Building Health, Safety and Resilience in the Age of Pandemics

This position paper has been prepared to express and demonstrate why hydrothermal experiences should play an important active role in this time of global pandemic. It was written by Professor Marc Cohen in collaboration with members of the Global Wellness Institute Hydrothermal Initiative and members of the Hot Springs Initiative. Professor Marc Cohen is one of the founding members of the Hot Springs Initiative. Thank you Marc and all contributors including the authors of the many reference papers.

We encourage discussion, comments and correspondence on this topic and ask that you direct your thoughts to Professor Cohen at [email protected]


Hot Springs View Dials

The “dial” below is an interactive inforgraphic which helps the user find hot springs locations in various countries. View dials have been created for: Australia, Austria, Canada, France, India, Iran, Japan, New Zealand and United States. They can and will be generated for other countries in the future. The intention of these dials is to help create awareness that there are hot springs all over the globe and to seed in the minds of hot springs visitors that they can include hot springs in their travel itineraries.

How to use the interactive Hot Springs view dial: Below is the view dial for Australia. You will see that each arrow that goes from the center map to the outside circle represents a hot springs property. The name of the hot springs property is given on the arrow as is the distance and directions from your starting point (“datum point”) to other hot springs all over the globe. The “datum point” hot springs is marked in red on the maps. While this example infographic for Australia that you are seeing is not “clickable,” you can download a PDF file version and then you will be able to reach the websites of each of these hot springs properties.

Click on the country view dial to download the high resolution PDF file. Each Hot Springs property on the view dial will have an embedded link to its website.










Hot Springs & Geothermal Mineral Waters: A User’s Guide for the Global Wellness Traveler

This user’s guide, published by the Global Wellness Institute and written by Ed Moffett and Amy McDonald, was created to help wellness travelers grasp the value of, and more specifically learn facts about, participating in hot springs bathing.


Using natural thermal and mineral waters as a healing approach–which is studied medically as balneotherapy–has a history of over 4,000 years, and is used all over the world as part of traditional therapies. It includes not only hot and mineral springs bathing, but mud packs/treatments and drinking and inhalation therapies.

Global Thermal Think Tanks (G3T)

Each year before and after the Global Wellness Summit, hot springs owners, operators, senior managers and researchers from across the globe discuss a range of industry issues and opportunities to collaborate and grow together.

Hot Springs Initiative Organizations

The Hot Springs Initiative strives to connect the community of global hot springs. If there is a hot spring organization you feel should be included on this list, or if this list needs to be corrected in any way, please send us an email.

The Global Wellness Institute serves as an umbrella organization for numerous Initiatives, that are independently chaired and run. The resources, editorial, research and opinions presented by the Initiatives do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Global Wellness Institute.