The Hot Springs Initiative is a global network of hot springs owners, operators, academics and industry participants dedicated to exploring the diverse potential of geothermal waters to contribute to the health and wellbeing of visitors as well as the economies and societies in which they are located. We seek to connect communities who have geothermal water and provide opportunities to meet, share thoughts and collectively grow the industry while generating consumer and political awareness of this unique natural and sustainable resource found in every country on earth.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)
In response to the global pandemic our worldwide network of hot springs have come together to share information to help us survive, revive and once again thrive.

This focuses on:

  • our staff, guests and communities and their first line of defense which is their immune systems;
  • how we are able to modify the way we operate our facilities in a time of virus outbreaks to be of service
    during the crisis;
  • the path forward to re-opening and becoming better, stronger and more resilient

Details are available on our resources page.

If you have information or practices that are working for you that could be relevant to the global hot springs industry please share. You can get in touch with us at: Contact us

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Charles Davidson
Hot Springs Initiative

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Charles Davidson

Charles Davidson

Initiative Chair

Prof. Charles Davidson, Co-Founder, Chairman and Creative Director, Peninsula Hot Springs
Charles Davidson is the co-founder & Chairman of Peninsula Hot Springs; Vice-President FEMTEC Asia-Pacific; Adjunct Professor in the Institute for Sustainable Industries & Liveable Cities at Victoria University; Founding Director Bathe the World Foundation; founding member and past vice-president of the Australasian Wellness Association (ASWell) and a founding member of the Global Hot Springs Initiative. Charles’ passion for hot springs started the moment he entered the waters at Kusatsu Onsen in Japan in 1992. Since then Charles has travelled to 51 countries on hot springs research missions in a search to find how cultures of the world share the gift of thermal waters for health, wellbeing and community creation.

Mark Hennebry

Mark Hennebry

Vice Chair

Mark Hennebry, Chairman, Ensana
Mark Hennebry is director hotels at CP Holdings, chairman of Ensana Health Spa Hotels and vice chairman of Danubius Hotels. In these roles, he is responsible for 45 properties across 5 countries, employing 4,300 people with total revenues exceeding €250 million. Within this portfolio, Ensana is Europe’s leading health spa operator with 26 properties across 4 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. He has spent over 25 years in the hotel, financial and private equity sectors working for global brands including the Maybourne Hotel Group, Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He has a wealth of international experience and has lived and worked in Hong Kong, Brunei, Thailand, the USA and across Europe.

Initiative Members

David Dronet

David Dronet

Roland Lymann

Roland Lymann

Vicky Nash

Vicky Nash

Klaus Pilz

Klaus Pilz

Jeff Wang

Jeff Wang

James White

James White

Associate Members

Our activities (Objectives/Goals) Include:

  • Coordinate and contribute to the Hot Springs Forum at the annual Global Wellness Summit
  • Provide a forum for sharing best practices from around the world: cross-culturally, historically and archaeologically
  • Provide opportunities for hot springs facilities to share best practices, triumphs, challenges and sustainable business models
  • Develop a comprehensive database for sharing best practices and sustainable models and appropriate technologies
  • Promote geothermal water destinations for nature-immersion/eco-tourism
  • Build a global database of hot springs industry contacts
  • Develop a framework for the evolution of the hot springs culture, systems, operators, owners, the deep value of stewardship and sustainability, environment
  • Educate the consumer and community about the additional value of hot springs

Some of the Specific Tasks of the Group Include:

  • Identify and discuss industry and community strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Develop a framework for understanding and evolution of the hot springs culture, systems, source-to-end use, health benefits and recreational opportunities
  • Provide access to best-practices for sustainable source-to-end uses
  • Provide cross-cultural and trans-national perspectives for comparative legal issues
  • Promote the deep value of stewardship and environmental sustainability
  • Promote public awareness of geothermal water value for health, recreation, and nature-based tourism
  • Promote environmental and species sustainability awareness thru geothermal water sites
  • Gather and provide access to historical, archaeological and geologic lore of geothermal waters
  • Seek to engage, connect, share and further the Global Community of geothermal health & wellness resource users and operators
  • Share sustainable best practices from diverse geographic and cultural histories
  • Explore and share diverse ways in which cultures have used geothermal water, contemporary and historical
  • Raise awareness of geothermal waters as the essence of S.P.A. “sanus per aquaam”, the historical foundation of SPA culture, by exploring historical lore with current science and best practices from source-to-end uses