Its logical that cancer patients and survivors need to visit spas to de-stress and heal, but yet very few spas are trained or have invested in training to empower their staff to be their best for clients who have had or are healing from cancer.

Where is the disconnect?
The disconnect is two-fold. First, spas must have the proper perspective about supporting clients with cancer, which means understanding that our role is well-being not disease care. Second, we need to take responsibility for our role in holding space for our clients to reduce their stress, find inner peace and increase their emotional resiliency. Individuals don’t want to go to cancer specific spas; they want to get away from their cancer – they want to visit your spa.

The Wellness For Cancer Initiative hosted a roundtable that included leaders of visionary spa and wellness brands; doctors conducting research on beauty and spa elements within their cancer centers; the past president of Society of Integrative Oncology, which globally defines standards of integrative care for patients; UK- and U.S.-based patient advocates and support organizations; and case studies of WFC trained spas. Click HERE to read more.

Julie Bach

Julie Bach

Initiative Chair

Julie Bach, Executive Director, Wellness for Cancer
Julie founded Wellness for Cancer to improve the quality of life for people touched by cancer. The charity focuses on minimizing the side effects on skin and body, caused by cancer therapy, as well as increasing people’s mental wellbeing during that journey. Julie is recognized for building a global bridge between medical experts and wellness professionals, serving as a thought leader on establishing evidence-based guidelines through the integration of both worlds.. She has provided consulting and cancer-focused training for thousands of staff members of spas, hospitals and not-for profits throughout the United States, Europe, Mexico, Canada, and India. Julie holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Harvard University.

Dr. Lisa Corbin

Dr. Lisa Corbin

Vice Chair

Dr. Lisa Corbin, Executive Health Services, University of Colorado Hospital
Dr. Corbin is an internal medicine physician at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. She was the founding medical director for the Center for Integrative Medicine from 2001 – 2017; in 2017 she assumed the medical director role for the Executive Health / Pavilion Health programs at the University. She has authored book chapters and articles and delivered over 100 presentations on wellness and integrative therapies for chronic conditions including pain, fatigue, and cancer.

Initiative Advisors

Initiative Outreach Awareness Program Members

Karen Ballou

Karen Ballou

Caylei Vogelzang

Caylei Vogelzang


The Wellness for Cancer initiative will lead the expansion of global awareness for the need to step up and serve our communities, which is comprised of individuals who are in differing states of wellness, including cancer.

We will develop a lens through which leaders not only understand the relationship of dis-ease, disease, and wellness, but also that they embrace what is needed to better serve themselves, their staff, and their communities. The groundwork and tools developed by this initiative can be used to accelerate a spa or wellness center’s ability to transform into a mindful well-being center that serves everyone.

Specific activities include

  • Development of constructs to better understand the wellness spectrum of dis-ease, disease, and wellness to inspire delegates and leaders to take action at the personal and business levels through better service to clients no matter where they are on the spectrum.
  • Construction of flexible frameworks for spas and wellness centers to develop cancer aware offerings.
  • Share case studies in various countries of spas and centers of various types and sizes to demonstrate what is possible.
  • Development of localized training and business models to expand education and community awareness at the country level.
  • Experiential sessions that encourage delegates and professionals to get involved personally and professionally at a deeper level with mental well-being through mindfulness, meditation, and breath work.
  • Observable sessions that encourage delegates to observe how we as an industry can cultivate peace with clients suffering from stress, depression, PTSD or even cancer.

Tools & Resources

  • Wellness for Cancer training platform and content that can be localized as needed.
  • Experiential sessions that encourage delegates to personally connect to what is possible for cultivating inner peace and resiliency.
  • Industry case studies on Cancer Aware and Mindfulness-based programs.
  • Round tables that facilitate the discussion of Cancer, Community, Wellness.

“Spas should embrace life as a whole, so treating cancer is a natural part of it.”
– Dr. Mariela Silveria, Kurotel Longevity Medical Center & Spa

“In the medical world we are using elements of spa: massage, yoga, meditation, breathwork – there is an opportunity to work in a more collaborative fashion…”
– Dr. Brent Bauer, Director of Integrative Medicine, Mayo Clinic

“We all have a role to play and if we each do our part, imagine the impact we can collectively have in cultivating our clients’ resiliency, inner peace and mental well-being…”
– Julie Bach, Executive Director, Wellness for Cancer