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The BREATHE Initiative is an international group of devoted breath practitioners, scientists/researchers, doctors and wellness thought leaders dedicated to sharing the various modalities and the science of BREATH for wellbeing.

BREATH is noted as a top trend by GWI for 2021 and is generating more buzz every day because it equalizes wellbeing; it’s free and accessible to ALL! With global stress/anxiety at record-setting levels, BREATH practices are being taken much more seriously as a science-based solution to what ails us. BREATH is both a preventative and healing tool that is truly a human superpower—albeit very underutilized. It is our intention for this Initiative to bring a broader awareness to BREATH and empower people to tap into the nourishing and healing power that is within all of us. We have the power to override our nervous system and create our optimal mindset and energy with mindful breath in small moments.

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Initiative Leadership

Sandy Abrams

Sandy Abrams

Initiative Chair

Sandy Abrams, Founder,, United States

Sandy Abrams is a longtime entrepreneur and author (Your Idea, Inc. and Breathe to Succeed) now focused on sharing the power of BREATH through her unique and empowering BREATHE experiences. She shares her 30 years of experience and training utilizing the power of breath and mindfulness in business and life. Her business sensibility about…Read More

Peter M. Litchfield, PhD

Peter M. Litchfield, PhD

Vice Chair

Peter M. Litchfield, PhD, President, Professional School of Behavioral Health Sciences, United States

Peter M. Litchfield, PhD, is president of the Professional School of Behavioral Health Sciences, which provides professional diploma and certificate programs that integrate physiological and behavioral sciences for new and innovative applications in healthcare, human service and performance enhancement. He is the CEO…Read More



BREATH is a sustainable human resource for self-care, mental fitness, nourishment and overall wellbeing. We’ll engage in conversations and experiences that shine a light on how up-to-the-minute science connects the dots of an ancient practice to our modern lifestyle.

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