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Aesthetic health is the art and science of understanding how the signs and symptoms of beauty impact our lives. Aesthetics, or esthetics, is a branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of beauty and taste, as well as the philosophy of art. Aesthetic health is represented by overall wellness that reflects in the conditions of skin, hair and nails, and general physique and personal countenance. The psychology of appearance is a key element in defining aesthetic health.

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Initiative Leadership

Alison O'Neil

Alison O'Neil

Initiative Chair

President & Founder, Beauty Becomes You Foundation, United States

Pioneer of aesthetic health and dermatologic rehabilitation, Alison O’Neil, BS, treats patients with disfiguring diseases and appearance challenges. She is the founder of Beauty Becomes You™, a charitable 501(c)(3) foundation whose mission is to fight social isolation, prevent failure to thrive syndrome, and serve the aesthetic health and hygiene needs of senior adults…Read More

Anita Murray

Anita Murray

Initiative Vice-Chair

Managing Director, The Salon & Spa Company and Founder Be Kingdom Kind – Ireland

Anita is a passionate beauty entrepreneur, expert contributor and self-care advocate. She is managing director at The Salon & Spa Company, representing some of the world’s most desirable professional beauty brands. Anita has worked in the beauty, spa and wellness sector for over 19 years. She also founded and owns award-winning brands Be Kingdom Kind and Edvard & Pink…Read More



  • Establish and define the categories of aesthetic health: topical cosmetic, nutritional, medical aesthetic and psychological.
  • Demonstrate the areas of provider application re: cosmetic surgeons, dermatology-cosmetic treatments/procedures, med-esthetic, psycho-dermatology, professional beauty therapists, cosmetologists, estheticians, registered dieticians and nutritionists.
  • Identify categories: post-traumatic, acute and chronic illness; self-perceived body image disorders (BDD); congenital deformity; and aging.
  • Gather current studies related to conditions, treatments and interventions, and influences.

Featured Reports and Resources

Personal Care & Beauty – The Global Wellness Economy: Looking Beyond COVID

The GWI’s most in-depth research on wellness markets ever: For the first time, it provides detailed numbers and analysis for all eleven wellness sectors: pre-pandemic, pandemic, and future growth rates; rich regional and national data; and the major trends that will impact each sector post-COVID.

Beauty 2 Wellness: Mitigating Barriers and Building Bridges

The first study tests the “beauty is good–disfigured is bad” stereotypes and offers unique insight into how cosmetics could play an important role in overcoming these biases. The second study identified concepts that bridge beauty and wellness, showing that the words used by the industry may be able to bridge the perception gap.

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