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The Yoga Therapy Initiative plans to define the ancient and evolving, multidimensional science of yoga therapy as a legitimate wellness modality for the 21st century. The initiative will clarify the difference between yoga as it is understood in modern society and the application of yoga therapy as a sophisticated healing and wellness modality that can help restore health for the lifestyle-related conditions of our modern age and alleviate the unprecedented imbalance in the social causes of health that have an impact across generations.

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Initiative Leadership

Initiative Chair

Bija Bennett

Author, President, BijaB, Yoga Therapist, United States

Bija Bennett is an internationally respected author, speaker and business leader whose practice focuses on the tenets of mind-body health. Her innovative teachings are derived from ancient yoga traditions as a form of preventive and integrative medicine that fosters healing. She has developed pioneering programs…Read More


Vice Chair

Leah Nduati

Founder, Yoga Experiences Africa

Leah Nduati is the Founder of Yoga Experiences Africa and a certified yoga instructor. Yoga Experiences Africa democratizes access to holistic wellness in Africa through an AI-driven discovery & booking portal for yoga and wellness. Leah was declared winner of the 2023 Shark Tank of wellness at the Global Wellness Summit and has built a community of yoga teachers from 22 African countries that it empowers through access to a wider client base, community events and connections to career building opportunities. …Read More


Our mission is to spread awareness by educating the global community—regardless of age, gender, culture or socioeconomic status—about the wealth of evidence-based research, recent innovations, publications, programs and industry leaders in the global field of yoga therapy.

We also intend to correct the common misperception of yoga therapy as a complementary medicine alternative and/or fitness and exercise program to a legitimate preventive and personalized self-care health modality. As one of the world’s earliest systems of holistic health and self-care, yoga therapy is a low-tech, easily accessible, evidence-based system of healthcare that can be used and applied to a full spectrum of conditions, from chronic disease and mental health to aging and personal growth.

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