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Jackie Roby
United States


Jackie Roby

Chief Excellence Officer at Inspired Journey Consulting, United States, she/her/hers

Jackie Roby is Founder and CEO of Inspired Journey Consulting, a sought-out international speaker, mindset coach, and wellness travel expert. Jackie guides people who have been abused shift from self-doubt to self-empowerment using the perfect harmony…Read More



The Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) Initiative aims to highlight marginalized and disabled voices to support global wellness for all. Through incorporating a variety of perspectives on wellness, we strive to enhance all aspects of our wellbeing and grow the global wellness ecosystem. We focus on research and collaborating with diverse voices (#ChoosingDiverseVoices) to better understand the complexity of DEI, which provides a unique learning opportunity for individuals, professionals, and organizations in the wellness industry.

In 2024, the DEI Initiative will be highlighting insights related to financial wellness and how to provide and support inclusive environments through practical and innovative methods. Financial disparities can exacerbate existing inequalities. By addressing financial wellness, organizations can actively work towards reducing economic gaps among the population hence, promoting a more balanced world.

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