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Although Touchless Wellness practices have been around for millennia (think meditation, gong baths, sound healing, energy healing), they are now being re-invented and innovated with the use of technology. The initiative’s contribution is looking to positively impact the lives of the individuals as we enter a new era of well-being that aligns with evolving Wellness consumer preferences and priorities. We believe that this exciting new classification, within the industry, is promoting growth of an emerging segment within the wellness, and that Touchless is a major part of innovation within the same.


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Initiative Leadership


Initiative Co-Chair

Erin Lee, Founder of the Touchless Wellness Association, United Kingdom

With over 25 years of experience in construction and wellness, Erin is a global designer specializing in heat experiences and halotherapy rooms. She is dedicated to making well-being universally accessible through her expertise and passion for touchless wellness. Erin is a prominent figure shaping the future of wellness innovation and accessibility as the Founder of the Touchless Wellness Association, Owner of Koru Wellness Ltd, Global Advisor & Design Consultant for Halotherapy Solutions, Founder of the UK Halotherapy Network, and Co-Chair of the newly formed Touchless Wellness Initiative within the Global Wellness Institute.


Initiative Co-Chair

Alina Hernandez, Wellness Concept Creator/Advisory Board Member, Germany

Alina Hernandez is an award-winning Wellness program designer, Mayo Clinic certified Health & Wellness coach, author, and industry innovator. Her unique knowledgebase, including Translational Medicine/Science, the Wisdom Healing traditions, and Psychological Stage Development Theories, provides her with a unique lens of Holistic Wellness, and its implementation into the Guest Journey. She is an Advisory Board member of the Gharieni Group, and the Touchless Wellness Association, and Co-Chair of the newly formed Touchless Wellness Initiative of the Global Wellness Institute.



The Touchless Wellness Initiative’s objectives are to provide:
  1. Thought Leadership within the wellness industry, and beyond, to inform, educate and apply Touchless Wellness modalities, treatments, and experiences to meet the growing demand for touchless wellness.
  2. A guide to understand this new area of Wellness, and initially cater to Wellness environments including spas, wellness centers, fitness, and hospitality on the B2B level.
  3. A source for both B2B and 2C for all things touchless to address the increasing needs of the consumer – health-conscious individuals seeking a modern and effective approach to holistic touchless wellness.

Initiative Members

Meet the renowned thought leaders in this field who are collaborating to educate and evolve wellness in this area of global importance.



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