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The Wellness Coaching Initiative (WCI) will empower individuals and businesses around the world to confidently partner with wellness coaches, optimizing health and wellbeing. Our mission is to clarify wellness coach specialties and global guidelines through education and community resources.

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Share with us your articles, thought pieces, and blogs! We at the WCI wish to help advance the global health and wellness coaching field through accessible, evidence-based, and inspiring content. If you wish to submit content to be published here, please review our submission guidelines. Only completed forms adhering to our criteria will be considered. Once submitted, the GWI WCI team will review and contact you with any questions and feedback within 7-10 business days. If you have any questions, feel free to contact [email protected].


We are committed to advancing knowledge and understanding in the realm of Health and Wellness Coaching. Our dedicated team will regularly publish insightful research papers and thought pieces, covering diverse aspects of this transformative discipline. By disseminating evidence-based information, we aim to inform, inspire, and empower individuals and organizations worldwide and to contribute to the evolution of Health and Wellness Coaching. Our publications can be accessed on our Resource Page.


Our team is dedicated to extensive education through various platforms, including video content, social media engagement, webinars, keynotes, and other public venues. Our primary aim is to actively inform, inspire, and empower individuals and organizations worldwide. By leveraging diverse channels, we strive to create a global impact, fostering a culture of well-being through the dissemination of valuable insights and knowledge in the field of Wellness Coaching. Our PowerPoints and Infographics can be accessed on our Resource Page.


Initiative Leadership

Ellen Kocher

Ellen Kocher

Initiative Chair

Swiss-American. Economist, Master’s Health/Wellness Coaching, ICF PCC, NBC-HWC, Health and Mindful Eating Coach, Certified Workplace Wellness Consultant. Dedicated past 20+ years to workplace wellness promoting preventative and holistic wellbeing…Read More

Jocelyn Pepe

Jocelyn Pepe

Initiative Vice Chair

Jocelyn Pepe is a Mental Health Researcher and Mental Wellbeing Coach at the intersect of Science and Soul and the Founder of TrU, an organization committed to supporting executive and team wellbeing, building healthy and well organizational cultures….Read More


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