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There is a growing cadre of experts from across a variety of disciplines who are beginning to think about these issues. Sub-disciplines that fall under Digital Wellness include Digital Ethics, Digital Citizenship, Digital Mindfulness, Digital Nutrition, and Digital Education.

The need is emerging for a new field of Digital Wellness that brings together these diverse viewpoints on the relationship between technology and wellbeing and seeks to establish a holistic and unified approach to these issues.

By establishing healthy guidelines and boundaries for our relationship with technology, a holistic and sustainable approach to technology use and adoption will allow us to maintain elements of our non-digital humanity in the age of technology.

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Initiative Leadership

Joshua Luckow

Joshua Luckow


Joshua Luckow, MBA, Founder and CEO, SolaVieve, Germany

Joshua Luckow is the founder and CEO of SolaVieve, a progressive health and hospitality company that integrates six industries: hospitality, healthcare, spa, technology, education, and real estate. As a long-tenured senior executive for the award-winning brand Canyon Ranch, Luckow had the rare opportunity to work in every key area of business…Read More

Nicole Huber

Nicole Huber

Vice Chair

Nicole Huber, City Director, Heidelberg, Germany

Nicole Huber is an accomplished executive who has been the driving force of a multitude of large scale private and public projects. As the former City Director of Heidelberg, Germany for more than a decade, Nicole guided and steered hundreds of millions of Euros in the areas of innovation, medicine, tourism, and sustainability…Read More



The goal of the Digital Wellness initiative is to bring together thought leaders from wellness, healthcare, technology, government, and education to serve as a think tank evaluating research and advocating for policy and education on the healthy use and adoption of technology.

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Meet the renowned thought leaders in this field who are collaborating to educate and evolve wellness in this area of global importance.



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