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The vision of the First 1000 Days Initiative is to positively impact the health of future generations across the world.

This movement is not only based on the latest evidence-based scientific research but it helps translate this research into something actionable and tangible for cross-cultural and demographically-diverse global populations. As such, future mothers and fathers—of various socioeconomic backgrounds—are armed with knowledge about the critical lifelong impact of parental and baby health and are actively engaged in positive lifestyle habits during preconception, pregnancy and the first two years of life. We believe this is the best way to aim for a world free of preventable diseases.

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Initiative Leadership

Patricia Ladis

Patricia Ladis

Initiative Co-Chair

Patricia Ladis, Founder, WiseBody PT & Co-Founder, First 1000 Days of Wellness, United States

Patricia Ladis, PT, CBBA, is the founder of WiseBody PT, co-founder of First 1000 days of Wellness and author of The Wise Woman’s Guide to Your Healthiest Pregnancy and Birth. She has been a holistic physical therapist since 1999 and is a certified behavioral breathing analyst. She has been an on-site PT to professional dancers…Read More

Alina Hernandez

Alina Hernandez

Initiative Co-Chair

Alina Hernandez, Wellness Programme Designer | Education & Training, Gharieni Group, Germany

Alina Hernandez is an award-winning Wellness program designer, Mayo Clinic trained Health & Wellness coach, author, and industry innovator. Her unique knowledgebase, including Translational Medicine/Science, the Wisdom Healing traditions, and Psychological Stage Development Theories…Read More



Our mission is to promote perinatal and early lifespan wellness in partnership with a broad spectrum of industry professionals (e.g., medical and wellness practitioners, spas, NGOs, media and public health agencies). Through these multidisciplinary partnerships, we have ignited a movement focused on the PREVENTION of noncommunicable diseases among future generations. This movement is based on six pillars of perinatal health:

  • Movement
  • Nutrition
  • Mental Health
  • Environment
  • Fun
  • Support

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Healthy You, Healthy Baby

Implementing simple lifestyle changes during preconception & pregnancy will help promote your baby’s lifelong health & wellbeing. Since we can’t know for sure when conception will occur, the time to start these habits is now!

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