The Definition of EXTEND

  • To increase the scope, meaning, or reach
  • To spread or stretch forth
  • To exert at full capacity


Read May’s article by Renee Moorefield, member of the GWI Advisory Board and CEO of Wisdom Works Group, and learn how to use EXTEND as a springboard to inspire your participation in the powerful global movement: The Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease.

Here are a few tips excerpted from the article:

Make something longer, wider or greater. Moonshot thinking requires you to extend your imagination “10X,” embracing solutions with 10 times the potential impact of incremental strategies. Extend your courage to leap into unheard-of aspirations in the face of people telling you your wellness moonshot isn’t possible.

Hold something out toward someone. Extend an invitation to your life partner to join in your wellness journey or encouragement to a colleague when they lose track of theirs. Extending support is vital; positive support serves as a buffer against eroding mental health.

Beware of extending too much. It’s common to extend too fast or lose track of your wellbeing core. Perhaps you altruistically serve others, only to find yourself depleted. A good question to ask is, How can you extend your wellness leadership while cultivating, rather than losing, wellbeing?

Extend your wellness moonshot. Take a step back from the wellness moonshot you’ve created with your team or organization, and ask, Does it address a thorny problem that matters to the wellbeing of people and the planet as well as us? Based on your responses, expand your wellness moonshot to set a new course for your wellness aspirations.

Extend your impact through others. Mentor employees to lead wellness initiatives. Seek opportunities to train young people to lead wellness while growing their wellbeing; you’d be surprised at the original and creative strategies they adopt—approaches you can learn from, too.

Extend wellness to kids. Doubling down on our collective efforts for children’s wellness is an investment in the future of our organizations and societies as well as the vibrancy of our families.

Extend your wonder. Write down a difficulty you face as a wellness leader. No matter how confounding your situation is, ask, Can I extend a sense of wonder to it? This means asking questions from true curiosity, seeking points of view that differ from your own, and shifting from an either/or to a both/and mindset so that you can see the situation more fully.

Extend a hand. Ask for help. Ask family, friends and workmates what kind of support they need, too. With compassion and without expectation, reach out with support for them.

Extend from your wellbeing core. Set yourself up to lead from inner wellbeing by participating in life-giving daily practices, such as breathing mindfully and getting clear about the real intentions driving you.


The Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease Initiative is a platform for extending your wellness leadership. Tell us your story using #wellnessmoonshot on social media about how you are reaching beyond what you thought possible to enhance wellness for yourself and others—we’ll spread your inspiration to wellness leaders worldwide. And remember to join the GWI’s Wellness Moonshot celebration on May 26 to connect and learn from others!

Next month, we’ll touch on what it means to INCLUDE the many aspects of you in your wellness leadership strategies. Until then, check out each of these Wellness Moonshot articles from past years with invaluable insights and strategies to support you on your journey.


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