Chart Your Mental Wellness Pathways

Mental Health Awareness month was introduced in 1949. Since then, organizations like the National Alliance on Mental Wellness and Mental Health America have joined the movement to raise awareness about mental health, fight stigma, and advocate for policies that support people with mental illness and their families.

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) strongly supports this vital awareness campaign. And a recent article in the Global Wellness Brief by GWI Research Fellows Ophelia Yeung and Katherine Johnston describes pathways to mental wellness, as defined in the GWI’s report Defining the Mental Wellness Economy.

1) activity and creativity
2) growth and nourishment
3) rest and rejuvenation
4) connection and meaning

As Yeung and Johnston explain, “Each one of us has different needs and interests when it comes to supporting our mental wellness, and many options are free or easily affordable. When we look at the diversity of possible pathways, it is clear that countless places, spaces, organizations and businesses can play a role in helping or hindering our mental wellness—from our homes, neighborhoods and cities; to our workplaces and schools; to our churches, mosques and temples; to fitness centers and grocery stores.”

Read the full article for valuable tips and information about how to support mental wellness in our own lives and the lives of loved ones and colleagues.
See the full GWI report for more information on the segments and developments in the $121 billion mental wellness economy.
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