Wellness Pioneers Support The Wellness Moonshot

Health and wellness leaders are uniting behind the first global commitment to achieve a world free of preventable disease. Read why they are joining together to support a mission that is both urgent and critical.

We have to be brave enough to take on this moonshot, and we need to really accelerate (the focus on prevention).”
Dr. Mehmet C. Oz, Professor of Surgery, Columbia University, and host of The Dr. Oz Show, US  

“The time has come to pool our resources—knowledge, access, funding—and use our collective megaphone on the world stage to work towards achieving a world free of preventable disease.”
Susie Ellis, Chairman and CEO of the non-profit Global Wellness Institute, US

“The Global Wellness Institute is the right organization to launch this moonshot, as it can only be achieved with high-level collaboration in the many health and wellness sectors.”
Dr. Richard H. Carmona, 17th Surgeon General of the United States and current Chief of Health Innovation, Canyon Ranch, US


“We have made it easy for people to make unhealthy choices [and] that has to change. If we present information to people in ways they can connect with I firmly believe they will move in the right direction, but we as a society have to make things easier not harder.”
Dr. Andrew Weil, MD, Physician and Author, US

“I think every one of us in this room have a responsibility to create impact and certainly inspire healthy habits for real life, for people, for families, for communities, and for the world. I think together we can do that.”
Mindy Grossman, President & CEO, Weight Watchers International, Inc., US

“We need a new story, a story about wellness and preventive medicine being the practice and the path of medical care instead of [treating] disease when doctors are caring for the patient [and] it’s too late.”
Louie Schwartzberg, Director, Producer, Cinematographer, US  


“If you would have asked me one and a half years ago, when I did not know you yet, I would have said [The Wellness Moonshot is] mission impossible. Now knowing you and this community, I would say Let’s get going!”
Dr. Elke Benedetto-Reisch, Medical Director, Lanserhof Group, Austria

“We are no longer talking about addressing disease but [rather] the prevention of disease. I have full confidence that this Moonshot will be a game-changer moving us worldwide from an ill-care system to a well-care system.”
Fikry Isaac, MD, Former Chief Medical Officer of Johnson & Johnson, US


“We know that people can change when they change together. We need to partner with industry and change policy to help people change. [And] communities and neighborhoods [need to] get out of their silos.”
Elissa Epel, PhD, Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of California, San Francisco, US  


“I’m hugely on board…and [think] communication and education are the way forward. We can learn so much from the Asian cultures and other cultures, as well as our very western world that [many of us] we work in.”
Sue Harmsworth, Founder of the ESPA Brand, UK


“The keys (are) to embrace the disruptors [and] collaborate with those who may have traditionally been competitors. We all need to stretch…because we can get so much further together than we could any of us alone.”
Dr. Paul Limburg, Former Medical Director, Mayo Clinic; Co-Chief Medical Director, Exact Sciences, US 

“I salute this moonshot and project. It is a much needed, organized way to create transformation…it’s the right idea at the right time.”
Dr. Dean Ornish, Founder and President, Preventive Medicine Research Institute, US


“A Wellness Moonshot for global health is a true game changer as we transition from a disease management industry to a true health care system.”
Dr. Kenneth R Pelletier, PhD, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSF School of Medicine, US

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