The Definition of PROSPER

• To grow strong and healthy, to flourish physically
• To succeed or thrive; to render success
• To make steady progress; to reach significance, fortune, and importance


Read March’s article by Renee Moorefield, member of the GWI Advisory Board
and CEO of Wisdom Works Group, and learn how to use PROSPER as a springboard to inspire your participation in the powerful global movement: The Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease.

Here are a few tips excerpted from the article:

Bring a holistic definition of prosperity to life: For too long, we’ve viewed wealth and wellbeing as divided, even competing, goals. We believe, however, that uniting our aspirations for wealth and wellbeing can produce new models of prosperity for all.

Destigmatize conversations about money: Research shows that financial wellbeing is integral to mental health and resilience. Create safe opportunities where co-workers and friends can talk about their financial stresses and goals without repercussions. You may not be able to fix their financial woes, but the act of authentic listening can offer stress relief.

Encourage financial literacy. Ask your organization to provide financial wellness programs and digital tools to build financial literacy. Help others work through their financial pressures, develop financial strategies for achieving their life-work goals, plan for the unexpected, and build a healthy relationship with money. View wealth not as the end goal but as a facilitator for growing wellbeing.

Broaden your circle of prosperity. If contractors, suppliers, distributors, and partners were asked how much your organization cares about their wealth and wellbeing, what would they say? When stakeholders believe you have their financial and wellness interests at heart, it helps foster healthy working relationships.

Prioritize prosperity within your business model. Shift to ethical banking institutions and strategies for financial inclusion.  Give a percentage of your gross revenue to a charity that aligns with your mission and values. The goal isn’t to accumulate wealth you don’t need but rather to use it for good.

Unpack limiting beliefs. Each of us has deep, usually unconscious, narratives about money that limit our decisions and satisfaction. Dive into the research to find out what money script might be driving your thinking and actions.

Improve your financial wellbeing. Financial wellbeing emerges when you are satisfied with your standard of living, spend money wisely, and invest in experiences that provide lasting memories. Make financial wellbeing part of your personal wellness moonshot, an inspiring vision of wellness that matters to you.

Plan (and plant) for future prosperity.  What financial seeds will you plant now to benefit others long after you’re gone? Answer this question after you listen to the song Planting Seeds by Empty Hands Music. It offers a beautiful reminder from pioneer Nelson Henderson that “the true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”


The Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease Initiative is a huge undertaking. Strengthen this community by sharing your ideas and practices about PROSPER on social media using #wellnessmoonshot, and we’ll spread your inspiration to wellness leaders worldwide. And remember to join the GWI’s Wellness Moonshot celebration on March 26 to inspire and learn from others!

Next month, we’ll touch on what the topic of HOPE means to leading wellness. Until then, check out each of these Wellness Moonshot articles from past years with science insights and strategies to support you on your wellness leadership journey.


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