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“January’s theme is “emerge,” a verb that means both birth and creation. Emerging can also be non-physical, as our thoughts and ideas emerge in our minds, and feelings emerge in our hearts.”—Jessica Jesse, CEO & Creative Director, BuDhaGirl LLC

The beginning of every year reminds us to pause and re-center our lives around what matters to us most: physical and emotional health, family and friends, and meaningful work.

This year is about something more. In our increasingly complex and oftentimes bewildering world, it is time for each of us to step forward as wellness leaders, not only in our own lives but for our families, workplaces and communities. No more waiting for someone else to be accountable for our health and happiness. 2020 is the year to join together as a global force and lead wellness wherever we are.

Being Accountable for Our Own Health and Happiness

Just like a seed holds the potential of a vibrant tree, we each have a place of wellbeing inside us. Wellbeing is a precious inner resource to fuel our day-to-day lives and enliven our future. And when we add wellness to our lives, we experience the river of life, with all of its twists and turns, with greater wisdom and flow. 

What Does It Mean to Lead Wellness?

Consciously leading wellness in our own lives isn’t a matter of just eating healthy foods or getting enough sleep. It is a deep, personal commitment to empower wellbeing for yourself and, through your example, the lives of others. You lead wellness every time you…

…experience beauty and wonder in your daily life.
…seek opportunities to expand your viewpoints and beliefs.
…feel inspired by your work and use your work to inspire others.
…grow through life’s constant change.
…respond to problems out of calm, knowing that kneejerk reactions can create more troubles in the long run.
…contribute joy where you live and work to amplify wellbeing for others.

Whether as a parent, sibling, workmate, boss, partner, citizen or friend, every role you play is an opportunity to be a wellness leader.

Join the #WellnessMoonshot Community!

Post your personal or shared wellness moonshot along with a photo during the week of the full moon (January 6-13) with #wellnessmoonshot. We’ll spread your inspiration to the growing network of wellness leaders across the globe!

Emerge As a Wellness Leader

2020 is the year to consciously nurture wellness leadership within yourself and others. When we are rested and engaged, we are able to have the stamina, clear-headedness and emotional balance to make wise decisions for your family and organization.

To guide you on your wellness journey, The Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease is providing you with ideas and tools on holistic wellness through The Wellness Moonshot Calendar: A Year of Inspiration. Using nature as the teacher, the Institute will help you navigate the journey of leading wellness for yourself and inspiring others to do the same. From renewing yourself and discovering joy to finding calm and wellbeing at work—each month’s topic will inspire you to take action. 

And this year’s partnership with Prevention magazine means you’ll be able to connect with people like you who seek to grow healthier families, more vibrant communities, and a well world.

Are you ready to emerge as one who embraces wellness leadership?

Four Ways to Become a Wellness Leader

  1. Register for monthly Wellness Moonshot updates here, and ask your friends and colleagues to sign up. You’ll become part of a global wellness collective that includes nearly 400 organizations impacting over half a million people so far!
  2. Invite others you care about—family, friends, colleagues—to take the “Are You A Wellness Leader?” quiz. Give yourself credit for the ways you already lead wellness at home and work, plus explore new strategies you can use to enhance your quiz scores. (The GWI will be sharing many ideas in the coming months.)
  3. Create a personal wellness moonshot—include your physical and mental health, career, social, financial and spiritual wellbeing. Better yet, involve your family or colleagues and create a shared wellness moonshot. Together, you’ll be setting a powerful intention to make wellness a priority at work and at home.
  4. Share a photo of your personal wellness moonshot or how you are emerging as a wellness leader during the week of the full moon (January 6–13) with #wellnessmoonshot. We’ll spread your inspiration to the growing network of wellness leaders across the globe!

Quiz: Are You a Wellness Leader?

Assess yourself on these eight statements, with 1 being “not at all” to 5 being “always.” There is no right score for this quiz. Your total score reflects where you are today and provides ideas for growth on your wellness leadership journey.

  1. I give myself permission to take care of my personal wellbeing.
  2. I use lifestyle habits, such as healthy eating, physical movement, rest and breathing techniques, to balance my physical, emotional and mental energy.
  3. I tend to bounce back quickly when setbacks and disappointments occur.
  4. When I get too stressed, I take life-enhancing actions to relax or calm myself.
  5. I am optimistic about my future over the next five years.
  6. I bring passion and purpose to my life and work.
  7. I make wellness an everyday priority for myself and the people around me.
  8. I intentionally contribute to the wellness and happiness of others.

Scored 27–40: You are a wellness leader, empowering wellness for yourself and others.
Scored 14–26: You are striving to make wellness central to your life and work.
Scored 13 or below: You have an opportunity to tap into more energy, resilience and wellness in life.

2 thoughts on “Emerge As a Wellness Leader”

  1. I have been a Wellness Coach for WW for over 23 years. I recently resigned from the company and plan to do weekly Zoom meetings with my “members” to continue to encourage, motivate, inspire and empower them to develop the habits which will sustain their wellness for the rest of their lives. It’s called “Losing It with Rosie” – it’s a closed Facebook page and it has over 550 members in the group. Personally, I have lost 113 pounds and it is off 23 years. I am also a cancer survivor who worked all through her treatment and surgeries in 2003 and the entire year of 2004. A positive mindset is the key to developing wellness habits and it’s not all about weight. Stress, sleep, hydration to name a few are all components of wellness. I am sorry that I wasn’t on board with this initiative starting in January but I’m having my first “wellness webinar” on April 18th and will merge your ideas into my presentation.

  2. Yes, I believe in self care and wellbeing! For the last 37 years I been a Vegetarian who do meditation everyday! No alcohol or drugs! I started a Non Profit 7 years ago. This month we are celebrating the 7 year Anniversary to promote Social dancing without drinking alcohol. We have about 2000 members and every Tuesday between 60 and 80 come to dance, connect and socialize only drinking water! Yes you can dance Salsa is our non profit business name! I want to share my passion and experience with anyone wants it or needed. Very grateful to know that this is becoming the new trend! Yes I can help! Cheers

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