Hibernation works for bears. Could it work for us, too?The New York Times, November 15, 2019
A grizzly bear’s body can slow down for months without damage. Researchers wonder if the ability can be harnessed to aid human health.

Sweet spot: Norwegians cut sugar intake to lowest level in 44 yearsThe Guardian, November 20, 2019
Norway has had a sugar tax since 1922 and, more recently, has created separate taxes for confectionary and sugary drinks. It’s working.

How the human brain stays young even as we ageQuartz, November 19, 2019
For adults who remain neurologically healthy into their later years, the brain constantly adapts and even thrives under new conditions. But how it pulls it off is a mystery scientists are still trying to solve.

Dancing could treat depression and other brain diseasesQuartz, December 10, 2019
DMT (Dance/movement therapy) goes beyond simply dancing. DMT uses dance and movement to promote insight, integration and wellbeing, as well as to diminish undesirable symptoms in various clinical populations.

Striking Stat:
More than half of millennial and Gen Z travelers from China (54 percent) and India (59 percent) have taken a wellness trip in the past year, compared to about a quarter from the US (23 percent), UK (27 percent), and Australia (26 percent). 

Source: SKIFT research, Millennial and Gen Z travel survey, 8/2019

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