“How You Breathe Is How You Are”
TEDx – Sandy Abrams, Breathe Initiative Co-Chair

Congratulations to GWI Breathe Initiative Co-Chair
Sandy Abrams for getting rave reviews on her new TEDx talk

In early 2021, the Global Wellness Summit identified “Just Breathe: Breath goes from woo-woo wellness to a powerful health tool” as a key wellness trend. This prediction has certainly come to life. With global stress and anxiety at record-setting levels, breath practices are being taken much more seriously as a science-based solution. And as Sandy reminds us, breath is truly a human superpower that is very underutilized. Sandy is making global impact sharing the benefits of breath through her work with the GWI Breathe Initiative, leading “Breathe toSucceed” events through her company TheCEOm.com and now this engaging TEDx talk.