Breathe Initiative

2021 Trends

TREND 1: BREATH: There’s an app for that!

The modernization of an ancient practice is unfolding daily with an influx of apps and wearable tech that help ease people into experiencing the benefits of breath practice and gain insights on how breath can directly affect things like heart rate variability, sleep apnea and brain cognition.

TREND 2:  BREATH for High Performance and Adrenaline Boost

There are a variety of popular breath modalities that energize and pump up adrenaline. There are practical applications for this type of practice for athletes, entertainers and CEOs alike.

TREND 3: Getting High on BREATH

Holotropic breathing just might be the new weed. It’s a sustainable, natural and regenerative human resource, and people are experimenting with how it can get them into a state of mind that will feel like enlightenment, psychedelic-like, or possibly heal trauma.

TREND 4: BREATH is free, but it’s being productized.

We can’t bottle it, but there are new devices in the marketplace that are being created for simple uses like aromatherapy or for medically focused devices to be part of a treatment for preventing or overcoming disease or illness.

TREND 5: BREATH is no longer woo-woo; it’s neuroscience.

Post pandemic, we’re globally more aware of the importance of breath, and we now see it more as a tool for wellbeing than a groovy practice for a mountaintop monastery. There’s tremendous scientific research being done to connect the dots with breath/brain connection, breath and optimal performance, and breath as a viable alternative medicine to the global stress/anxiety crisis. It’s also an equalizer for wellbeing (as it’s free, accessible to all, available 24/7/365), so it’s an affordable science-based healthcare option for almost everything that ails us.