“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
—Anne Frank

In your pursuit as a wellness leader to create a world free of preventable disease,
you have a resource at your disposal that’s easily accessible, abundant,
and free: the contagious power of giving.


Faiths have long taught that giving—without expecting anything in return—is vital to a life of wholeness, as well as to our evolution as human beings. In Hinduism, charitable acts of giving are integral to karma yoga, the path of selfless service. Zakat (or charity), the Third pillar in Muslim tradition, is crucial to the wellbeing of the needy and the wealthy alike, and giving is foundational to the Bahá’í as service to humanity. In Christianity, acts of gratitude and giving are avenues to self-transcendence. And in Buddhism, dana, generously giving without any strings attached, is one of ten perfections or qualities that lead to a state of awakening. CONTINUE TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE

Curated by Renee Moorefield, CEO of Wisdom Works Group
and member of the Advisory Board for the Global Wellness Institute