One Health, One Wellness—The Wellness Moonshot: China

GWI’s Wellness Moonshot has partnered with Tianren Culture, a Chinese-based, next-generation social platform whose mission is to drive positive values and lifestyles. The Wellness Moonshot: China shares techniques and tools to improve dietary, respiratory and mental health issues via WeChat, the largest social media platform in mainland China with over one billion active monthly users!

Tianren Culture’s focus is “One Health, One Wellness.” By promoting healthy and sustainable lifestyles, especially those with roots in Eastern cultures and philosophies, the program teaches that the body and mind health of human beings are interconnected with the health of the broader environment and ecosystem.

The Wellness Moonshot: China creatively aligns engaging wellness advice with China’s ancient calendar based on 24 solar terms—as health habits naturally connected to the seasons are a crucial component of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


To join the Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease in China, please contact Kendra Kobler.

The Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease is a campaign to eradicate preventable lifestyle disease worldwide. It’s a goal as ambitious as it is urgent. To reach individuals globally, the GWI partners with organizations and companies that reach unique populations and addresses specific health and wellness challenges with curated content.