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The GWI Wellness Tourism Initiative is a global think tank dedicated to sharing wellness tourism consumer insights and supporting the industry to deliver world class travel experiences globally.

GWI Wellness Tourism Initiative research

2020 GWI Wellness Tourism Initiative Research

Global Wellness Tourism Initiative’s 2020 Survey

We have successfully completed our Covid-19 Consumer Wellbeing and Travel Intention Survey in June/July 2020 with over 2,000 respondents from over 70 countries. The topline findings can be viewed on our presentation link. We will also add a Factsheet onto this page shortly also. If you have any further questions please reach out to Katherine Droga, our Initiative Chair at [email protected]

2019 Consumer Wellbeing Travel Results

In 2019, the Wellness Tourism Initiative’s focus was to understand the needs, motivations and behaviour of wellness travelers globally (both primary and secondary wellness travelers). An online survey was launched late 2019 with a focus on USA, Canada, Australia, Romania, China, Italy, Thailand and Singapore.

Download the key findings from our global and country fact sheets below. Look out for additional country fact sheets shortly.

Wellness Tourism Survey – Global Results

Wellness Tourism Survey Results – U.S. and Canadian Travelers

Wellness Tourism Survey Results – Australian Travelers

Wellness Tourism Survey Results – Romanian Travelers

Wellness in Business Travel Survey – Global Results

Wellness in Business Travel – Australian Travelers

Wellness in Business Travel – U.S and Canadian Travelers

Wellness in Business Travel – Romanian Travelers

Wellness Tourism in the News

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