2023 Trends

TREND 1: In the search of longevity, wellness partnerships bloom

TREND 2: Making a splash – blue tourism and wellbeing

TREND 3: Indigenous travel – a growing trend that holds value: past, present and future

TREND 4: Connecting to something bigger than ourselves one step at a time

TREND 5: Transformation + regeneration – the yin and yang of wellness travel

TREND 6: Let’s continue to bathe, soak and connect!


2022 Trends

TREND 1: Governments are Waking up to Wellness

TREND 2: Fill your Cup and that of the Local Community you Visit

TREND 3: Mental Health Acceptance is the New Norm

TREND 4: Micro Dosing with Plant Medicine

TREND 5: Family Friendly Wellness

TREND 6: Green Prescription Holidays

TREND 7: Wear your Wellness

TREND 8: Vegan Holiday Anyone?

 TREND 9: Digital Nomad Boom


2021 Trends

TREND 1: Country-Led Wellness Development

TREND 2: Regenerative Travel

TREND 3: Rehab to Restoration Programs

TREND 4: Insurance and Businesses Support Wellness

TREND 5: Wellness Snacking

TREND 6: Natural Plant Medicine Programs

TREND 7: Fertility Retreats

TREND 8: Wellness Practitioner Training Moves Online

TREND 9: New Wellness Lifestyle Programs

TREND 10: Medical Welcomes Wellness

TREND 11: Embracing Indigenous Wellness Traditions

TREND 12: Outdoor Physical Fitness boom

TREND 13: Animals Support Wellness Travel