Wellness Policy Toolkit: MENTAL WELLNESS


Wellness Policy Toolkit: Mental Wellness explains why we need to promote our mental wellness and offers specific policy actions that many stakeholders (governments, local communities, business leaders, health professionals, media, etc.) can pursue to support it. Mental wellness is a key resource that strengthens our resilience and enhances our well-being. The toolkit presents mental wellness as a coherent domain of wellness policy that is separate from, and complementary to, mental health policy. It clarifies the distinction between mental health and mental wellness, presents key arguments for promoting wellness policies, and highlights a variety of mental wellness strategies to expand access and support all populations. For more information, see GWI’s Wellness Policy Series.

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Who should use the mental wellness toolkit?

This toolkit is designed for policymakers, businesses, healthcare and helping professionals, nonprofits, media, researchers, community leaders, and individuals. While the nature and scope of the actions will depend upon the actors involved, stakeholders have access to many tools for mental wellness promotion. After discussing the most significant challenges to improving mental wellness, we introduce policy recommendations such as social prescribing, arts and cultural engagement, access to nature, incorporating technology, and restructuring our built environment. Whether seeking to design policies, advocate for change, or utilize existing community resources, this toolkit provides stakeholders with the knowledge and ideas to support mental wellness and enhance overall well-being.