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GWI’s 2023 Global Wellness Economy Monitor report reveals a wellness market surging post-pandemic: growing 12% annually since 2020, setting a new record value and forecast to grow another 52% by 2027.
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The Global Wellness Economy grows to $5.6 trillion In 2022

What is the Wellness Economy?

The wellness economy encompasses 11 varied and diverse industries that enable consumers to incorporate wellness activities and lifestyles into their daily lives.

Key Takeaways


The global wellness economy is recovering strongly from the pandemic and reached a record $5.6 trillion in 2022.

• Regional Analysis

All regions have recovered from the pandemic, but North America, Europe, and Middle East-North Africa have shown the strongest resilience and growth from 2019-2022.

• Sector Analysis

Seven of the eleven wellness sectors have fully recovered from the pandemic, with a 2022 market size that exceeds their 2019 level.

• Projected Future Growth

For the next five years, we project that the global wellness economy will grow at a robust rate of 8.6% annually, a growth rate substantially higher than the projected global GDP growth (5.1% according to current IMF forecasts).

Key Report Charts & Graphs

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Hear from the GWI Research Fellows

Report Highlights

GWI research fellows Ophelia Yeung and Tonia Callender share highlights from the new 2023 Global Wellness Economy Monitor in this short video.

Surprising New Numbers For the Global Wellness Economy

Global Wellness Conversations Podcast – Episode 80

Before heading to Miami to present their groundbreaking research at the 2023 Global Wellness Summit, GWI research fellows Ophelia Yeung and Katherine Johnston sat down with host Kim Marshall to talk about insights from the new Global Wellness Economy Monitor report, how they came to be the first to define and quantify the wellness economy and what the future holds for the wellness industry.

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Wellness Economy Research Master Class Series

with GWI Research Fellows Ophelia Yeung, Katherine Johnston, & Tonia Callender

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GWI’s researchers are the pioneers and powerhouse team that have defined and measured the global wellness economy and its eleven sectors for the last 15 years. How do they do this work? What are their current and evolving thoughts on the wellness economy? In this quarterly webinar series, GWI Research Fellows Ophelia Yeung, Katherine Johnston, and Tonia Callender will give listeners a window into their research process and will share their latest conversations and thinking on the issues and trends affecting the global wellness economy and its many sectors.

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About the Authors

Global Wellness Economy Monitor 2023 was prepared by Katherine Johnston, Ophelia Yeung, and Tonia Callender. As GWI’s principal researchers, they are the team that has defined and measured the size of the global wellness economy and its sectors over the last fifteen years. Their academic and professional background is in economic analysis, international development, and public policy. Ms. Johnston, Ms. Yeung, and Ms. Callender received post-graduate degrees from Georgetown, Princeton, and Harvard Universities, respectively. Together, they bring many decades of experience conducting research, impact assessments, and strategy development for countries, regions, industry consortia, companies, and nonprofit institutions around the world.

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