Wellness Policy Toolkit: Physical Activity


Wellness Policy Toolkit: Physical Activity takes a deep dive into physical activity as a domain of wellness policy. It provides the rationale for why wellness policy in physical activity is necessary, and it presents six areas of policy action that can encourage and support people to engage in sufficient physical activity to stay healthy, both in their daily lives and during their leisure time. The toolkit discusses the many challenges that contribute to high and rising levels of physical inactivity, and it examines specific ways in which new policies, government resources, and cross-sector partnerships can address those gaps and constraints. For more information, see GWI’s Wellness Policy Series.


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Who should use the physical activity toolkit?

This toolkit supports anyone who would like to use policy tools to promote physical activity as an important pathway to good health. Anyone – policymaker or public servant, private business, nonprofit, or a concerned citizen – can become a champion for using public resources and public policy actions to increase physical activity, among all population groups, and in all settings (such as schools, communities, workplaces, and public places and institutions). The policy actions described in this toolkit are not confined to the government bodies that are typically associated with fitness and physical activity (e.g., national sports authorities or departments of parks and recreation). They are cross-cutting and require multi-sectoral support to be implemented. Whether you are a fitness entrepreneur, an educator, an urban planner, an architect, a physician, an employer, or a human resource director, there are opportunities to advocate for policies that increase physical activity in your community, and we hope this report will be useful to assist in your endeavor.

For more information, see GWI’s Wellness Policy Series