Wellness Policy Toolkit: Wellness In Tourism


Wellness Policy Toolkit: Wellness In Tourism introduces a new paradigm, which broadens the focus from wellness tourism to wellness in tourism. As such, the toolkit does not rehash wellness tourism strategies that seek to develop luxury spa resorts and bring in high-spend tourists. Rather, the aim to is unite the concepts of wellness and tourism in the broadest possible sense: How can wellness support tourism? And, how can tourism support the wellness of travelers, destinations, and local residents? The toolkit identifies six key barriers that are currently preventing wellness tourism from delivering broad-based health and well-being benefits. It then presents policy ideas that help everyone reap more benefits from tourism: enhancing the quality of place for tourists, making tourism more successful, and improving the well-being of local residents and the destination. For more information, see GWI’s Wellness Policy Series.


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Who should use the wellness in tourism toolkit?

This toolkit is designed to help anyone interested in policy approaches that embed wellness broadly into tourism, placemaking, and local development. The policy strategies presented cut across wellness tourism, sustainable and responsible tourism, equitable wellness, quality of life, placemaking, and placekeeping. As such, they can be pursued by those working in hospitality and tourism businesses, tourism promotion, destination management, economic development; those representing the well-being of workers and the community; and those advocating for the protection of cultural heritage and the environment.

For more information, see GWI’s Wellness Policy Series