Discover the link between Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging (DEIB) and Health and Wellness Coaching!

Far beyond workplaces, DEIB is among the most critical challenges today as we seek to support diverse groups of people from a range of generations, backgrounds, ages and health status. Health and Wellness Coaching can help conquer this challenge and meet modern-day DEI objectives through personalized attention where everyone feels they belong.

The Global Wellness Summit’s Wellness Coaching Initiative has just published a white paper on this topic. The primary objective of this paper is to offer guidance and insight to individuals, leaders, service providers and advocates of DEIB worldwide to:

  • Reframe DEIB in a well-being context.
  • Understand the distinct and valuable role played by Health and Wellness Coaches in fostering DEIB in a wide variety of contexts.
  • Clarify the scope of practice and requisite credentials for Health and Wellness Coaches globally, specifically related to DEIB.
  • Increase awareness of the current global context of DEIB.
  • Present real-life stories, testimonials or studies we’ve termed “Voices from the Field”

Access for free this white paper as well as an infographic and PowerPoint presentation at the links below.


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