Collaborative Paper From the
Digital Wellness Initiative & the Breathe Initiative

As the fields of technology and telehealth evolve, health practitioners and experts are finding more preventive and holistic options that could be made available to everyone; making conscious and healthy living a right, rather than a luxurious lifestyle. Our collaboration with the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) is driving this vision one step closer to it being a reality as our two initiatives that align perfectly in today’s modern world came together for this; the Breathe Initiative and the Digital Wellness Initiative. Combining digital wellness with methods to optimize your breathwork to help you stimulate a healthier body, mind, and spirit! Who doesn’t wish to just tune IN for a few moments to rest & rejuvenate? There are tremendous online wellness resources but we need to balance tech with humanity–staying connected to self in small moments throughout the day for optimal wellbeing.

Read the paper here. 

Digital Wellness & Breath

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