We are finally feeling like the pandemic is behind us.

As we remove our covid masks, one of the “silver linings” of the past 2+ years has been the unique opportunity to reevaluate our lifestyle. Many of us are looking at our health through a different lens — with a greater appreciation for our mental and physical health.

What about YOU? Have you taken some time to consider your own health and well-being?

The information available about health and wellness can be overwhelming.

With so much contradictory health advice, we are often left wondering what’s really right. In our virtual lives, we are inundated with webinars, zoom meetings, and online connections and are left craving relationships with real people, in real time.

This could be the perfect time to “put on your oxygen mask” by partnering with a Health Coach to benefit your life (first) so that you can enhance the lives of those around you too (next).

Here are 10 reasons why

  1. Health Coaching makes you feel good because its roots in positive psychology encourage positive thoughts and self-talk.
  2. Health coaching is highly personalized – just for you – and never a one-size-fits-all approach.
  3. A Health Coach is certified as a mentor and guide to help you reach your goals through positive, sustainable lifestyle changes — no quick fixes.
  4. Health Coaches break through the fads understanding the physical, emotional, behavioral, and nutritional lifestyles that promote health and prevent illness.
  5. Health coaches empower you to take easy, incremental small steps toward your targets because they understand the science behind behavior and habit change.
  6. Health coaching is holistic, integrating all domains, such as career and relationships, that affect your lifestyle.
  7. A health coach keeps you motivated and accountable like a personal cheerleader – always there to keep you motivated, inspired, and moving forward.
  8. Health Coaches support change based on your reasons, on your terms, which means less resistance and a greater likelihood of success.
  9. Working with a health coach helps increase selfawareness, and boost confidence.
  10. Though you call the shots, you have a partner with whom to overcome obstacles.

And if that’s not enough….

  1. Strong evidence backs the effectiveness of Health Coaching for improving health, well-being, and a variety of health conditions.
  2. Coaching remotely appears to be as effective as face-to-face coaching.
  3. You just might have more time to take care of yourself right now living the “new normal”.

It’s time to put on your (oxygen) mask!

When we take care of ourselves and feel our best, we operate on a higher level and move through life more confidently, powerfully, and happily

I cannot think of a better time to give a boost to our general outlook and attitude on life! Self-care involves recognizing our needs and taking responsibility to thoughtfully make choices about our lifestyle. Once that is achieved, we show up exponentially better in the world – for everyone.

Partnering with a personal health coach is an enriching, life-changing experience that you owe to yourself.

If you’d like to learn more about Health and Wellness Coaching, download our latest White Paper “TOWARDS ADVANCING HEALTH AND WELLNESS COACHING: WHERE WE ARE AND WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN” from the Resources Section of the GWI Wellness Coaching Initiative page.

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