United Nations Sustainable Development

The United Nations Sustainable Development goals are written and devised to bring solutions for some of the world’s biggest and most critical issues. We need to ‘move mountains’ to reach the outcomes set out on a governmental level and to reach these targets by 2030, and so, collective understanding and action is required and will take all of us to help to solve these imbalances and problems we face on a global level.

Since their conception, the UN SDGs have fascinated and inspired many people to get involved, including businesses and organizations who have adopted or integrated the goals into their own sustainability framework to give purpose to their actions.

One of the aims of the Initiative for Supporting the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is to provide free downloadable SDG resources and education relevant to the wellness sector that can be used to identify and recognize SDG activity within a Wellness Business, Wellness Organisation or Association.

We are delighted to share with you a series of UN SDGs in Action, Multimedia Micro-papers which will each demonstrate how businesses and organizations are successfully aligning their commitment to a positive 2030 result.

Charne Le Roux share with us how The Spa & Wellness Association of Africa (SWAA) strongly aligns with UN SDG 4, providing a foundation and stepping stone to quality education in wellness, products, and services to all.

Each month we will be releasing at least one new multimedia micro-paper which will bring focus to specific SDGs with the hope to inspire more people to map out SDG involvement in their own organization and more so to encourage and enable more SDG activity around the world.

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