Hot Springs Initiative

2021 Trends

TREND 1:  More Space, More Nature

Instead of focusing on volume, emphasis will be placed on creating opportunities for guests to connect with nature and to have fewer people in facilities. This will manifest into more private bathing experiences; private spaces like reserved lounge chairs and cabanas; and maximum guest numbers being displayed in all bathing pools, saunas, and other places where guests congregate. Where possible, more outdoor areas will be made available to help keep guest numbers up.

TREND 2: Wellness Programs with an Emphasis on Immune-Strengthening Activities and Mental and Physical Health

A significant shift in focus toward personal wellness has hot springs increasingly viewed as wellness destinations. Wellness programs and facilities to support them will enhance the natural well-being gift of thermal waters. Some health-focused facilities, particularly in Europe, will develop post-COVID health recovery programs.

TREND 3: Local Local Local

With significant restrictions on outbound and inbound travel, the international visitor market has all but dried up, leaving the focus on local and domestic markets. This will result in clear winners and losers depending on the net travel into or out of countries pre-COVID. All parts of the organization of the hot spring, from staffing to marketing to guest acquisition, will be looking to the local market.

TREND 4: Workcations

The shift to working from home has resulted in a greater need for people to get away from their home office. Hot springs that provide space for day offices and stay offices enable visitors to combine work with leisure, pleasure, and wellness.

TREND 5: Cleanliness and Hygiene

While cleanliness is at the very heart of the hot springs bathing industry, the pandemic era has lifted the bar higher. Strict operating procedures see that every guest touchpoint has been considered and undergoes regular sanitation and cleaning.