The Wellness Moonshot Stunning Hanging Calendar

Now through the end of July, when you pledge your support of The Wellness Moonshot by donating to the GWI, you’ll receive not one BUT TWO stunning works of art!

This month’s #wellnessmoonshot is focused on #relax. Intentionally shifting into relaxation awakens the parasympathetic nervous system; counters the drawbacks of overplayed stress hormones; and promotes physical health, emotional balance, resilience and wellbeing.

Here’s a quick relaxation tip: Constantly focusing your eyesight on a Zoom meeting or your smartphone is wearying. Engage your vision toward rest and wellbeing: Gaze on a point in front of you, such as a vibrant leaf on a tree or a piece of artwork. (We suggest The Wellness Moonshot Calendar: A Year of Inspiration!) When you let your gaze soften and widen, you become more aware of the periphery of your environment. This peripheral or “panoramic” vision activates neural pathways that tell your brain and body to relax.

Renew your commitment to wellness leadership today!