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Dying Well Initiative: The Importance of Grief and End of Life Support in the Workplace

While end of life, loss and grief are difficult topics, the disruptive impact of COVID-19, social injustice and loss from natural disasters are impacting the people who make our businesses succeed. We met Candi Cann, PhD, death scholar and researcher and associate professor at Baylor University; Liz Eddy, CEO and co-founder of Lantern; and Miriam Senft, president and CEO of Motivity Partnerships. Panel moderator Shoshana Ungerleider, MD, founder of the Endwell project and practicing internist at Crossover Health in San Francisco, is a leading voice in healthcare who regularly appears as a medical contributor on CNN, MSNBC and CBS News. Her most recent film, Robin’s Wish, is a biographical documentary about the final years of actor and comedian, Robin Williams.

Dying Well Initiative: Virtual Death Over Dinner (or Tea): An Unforgettable Conversation

The Dying Well Initiative’s core objective is to facilitate an ongoing, global conversation about death and dying well. Co-chairs Diane Doster and Amy McDonald, along with the Dying Well Initiative team, invited to join Initiative member Michael Hebb, the founder of Death Over Dinner and the End of Life Collective, for a life-affirming deep dive into a topic many avoid. After a shared appetizer together, smaller rooms supported the actual dinner conversation—each hosted by a Dying Well Initiative member or a special guest host.

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