Dying Well Initiative Trends

2023 Trends

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2022 Trends

TREND 1: The Grief Gap

TREND 2: Pre-planning IS Adulting

TREND 3: The Metaverse, Digital Graveyards and NFT’s Emerge for End of Life & Grief

TREND 4: Scaling up to Address Global Trauma, Loss, and Grief

TREND 5: A Refocus on Bereavement Leave Policies and Workplace Bereavement


2021 Trends

TREND 1: Discussing Grief in the Workplace

TREND 2: The Use of Psychedelics During End-of-Life Care

TREND 3: Racial Equality 

TREND 4: Wearable Technologies

TREND 5: Popularization of Alternate Disposal Methods


2020 Trends

TREND 1: More Use of Technology during End of Life

TREND 2: Conversations about Death/End of Life Will Increase and Become Normalized

TREND 3: Green Burials on the Rise

TREND 4: The Use of Death Doulas

TREND 5: More Grief Support in Hospitality and the Workplace


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