Wellness Tourism Initiative

2021 Trends

TREND 1: Country-Led Wellness Development

Countries around the globe are adopting wellness-driven initiatives and injecting funds into concepts dedicated to the wellness traveler and locals. This is also attracting wellness investment in these countries.

TREND 2: Regenerative Travel

Purposeful wellness experiences that not only fill your own cup but also fill up the cup of the community and the environment you visit. Doing good and influencing positive change through wellness travel.

TREND 3: Rehab to Restoration Programs

With the increased priority on mental health, we see more specific facilities and programs being created to support stress, burnout, anxiety, trauma and depression for travelers.

TREND 4: Insurance and Businesses Support Wellness

Insurance companies and employers are prioritizing allocations to wellness programs. This means more people have dedicated funds and the opportunity to attend wellness-related experiences and programs.

TREND 5: Wellness Snacking

With increasing value placed on work/life balance and more remote working opportunities, the rise of regular, smaller bite-sized wellness travel experiences is growing.

TREND 6: Natural Plant Medicine Programs

There is a rise in natural plant medicine wellness programs being offered using ayahuasca, psychedelics and CBD to help support mental and emotional trauma.

TREND 7: Fertility Retreats

As women continue to seek support with their fertility journey, wellness retreats and centers are increasingly catering to this need.

TREND 8: Wellness Practitioner Training Moves Online

Wellness education and training embraces online learning rather than having to travel for training. This helps to support and grow wellness practitioner’s capacity worldwide.

TREND 9: New Wellness Lifestyle Programs

Off-grid and permaculture programs for dedicated travelers who want to learn more about how to build this into their lifestyle.  This includes programs deemed “extreme” wellness, such as cold water therapy treatments.

TREND 10: Medical Welcomes Wellness

Integration of the two worlds, hospitals incorporating wellness into their programs and wellness retreats with more structured medical supports.

TREND 11: Embracing Indigenous Wellness Traditions

The growth of culture-driven wellness experiences emphasizing Eastern philosophies and other ancient traditions, including Ayurveda, TCM, Daoist traditions, etc.

TREND 12: Outdoor Physical Fitness boom

While a desire for nature immersion continues for locals and travelers across the world, demand for biking, running, walking and nature tours/camps continues.

TREND 13: Animals Support Wellness Travel

Pet ownership during COVID-19 has skyrocketed, with animals supporting people’s wellbeing. Incorporating animals into wellness therapies and retreats (e.g., equine therapy and goat yoga) continues to expand.