Global Wellness Institute Initiatives Support

Mental Health Month

May 2022

Join us for a month of resources, education and collaboration in support of Mental Health Month brought to you by the GWI Mental Wellness Initiative in collaboration with the Breathe Initiative, Wellness Architecture & Design Initiative and the Wellness Coaching Initiative.

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Be sure to follow GWI on  LinkedIn, Facebook  and  Instagram where we will be trumpeting the great work and resources of the GWI initiatives and the many global experts participating in this #GWImentalhealth campaign, including other LinkedIn and Instagram Live events.  

A message from the GWI Mental Wellness Initiative Co-chair: 

May is Mental Health month in the US where we’re celebrating Spring, and all things in bloom – including your mental health and wellness! That’s why we, members of the GWI  Mental Wellness Initiative,are joining forces with our friends from three other GWI Initiatives—Breathe, Wellness Architecture and Design and Wellness Coaching—for a May Mental Health Month campaign to bring awareness and promote some of the many ways that we can bring mental wellness into our lives. 

Throughout the month, we’ll be sharing ideas on some of the basic building blocks to support our mental health which, are fundamental to help us build resilience and thrive in our daily lives.  

Apart from the many things that help us create mental health in our lives, including exercise, nutrition and stress management, what about the importance of breathing? What about environments that we create for ourselves and the places we live in? And finally, how is it that we learn about making positive changes in our lives?  

There are many pathways to mental wellness and promoting growth, and we’ll be sharing these with you throughout the month. Join us for tips, best practices, and happenings during this month – because whole health starts with your mental health and wellness.  

There are many things that grow in the garden of mental wellness, and we’re excited about helping you cultivate your own mental wellness garden.  

Join us!  Sincerely, 

The GWI Mental Health Month Initiative Collaboration