Immersion Initiative Members

Dr. Marc Cohen

Professor, RMIT University, Australia

Professor Cohen is one of Australia’s pioneers of integrative and holistic medicine. He is a registered medical practitioner and a professor at RMIT University where he leads postgraduate wellness programs and supervises research in nutrition, herbal medicine, yoga, lifestyle, and the health impact of pesticides, organic food and detoxification.

Jen Cronan Corley

Director of Development, Wellness, WeTravel, United States

Jen heads the Wellness Travel segment of WeTravel, a payment and registration platform for the travel industry. She is responsible for strategic development, including sales & marketing strategy, branding, community-building, and project management She leads a team that creates and distributes educational content, manages strategic partnerships, interacts with the media, and organizes online and live events.

Debra Duneier

President, EcoChi LLC, United States

EcoChi, LLC, is a purposeful interior design company with a focus on sustainability and experience. With a passion for wellness and the environment, Debra Duneier created the EcoChi 180° certification and EcoChi® SCORE! for hospitality, spas, restaurants and office spaces. Debra is a LEED® GA, eco-designer and master practitioner of feng shui. She is the author of the award-winning book EcoChi: Designing the Human Experience.

Sallie Fraenkel

President, Mind Body Spirit Network, United States

Mind Body Spirit Network was created by Sallie Fraenkel, former chief operating officer of Spafinder Wellness, Inc.® and executive vice president of the Global Wellness Summit. Called the “ultimate spa insider” by Dr. Oz, Sallie has turned her lifelong passion for wellness travel into curating “wellness journeys with heart” to countries such as Mexico and Guatemala. She serves on the boards of WSPA and Liberation Prison Yoga.

Ulli Lagler Peck

Founder & Owner, The Wellness Agency®, United States

Ulli Lagler Peck is founder and owner of The Wellness Agency®, a business management & marketing agency that provides hands-on management and business development services for small ventures and solopreneurs in the health & wellness field. Fueled by her passion for healthy, sustainable living and 25+ years international management and marketing experience Ulli helps health and wellness entrepreneurs take their business to a next level by diversifying their portfolio, streamlining their operations and connecting with their customers through authentic, personal and educational marketing.

Samantha Lippiatt

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Health and Fitness Travel, Australia

Samantha Lippiatt is co-founder of Australia’s first dedicated wellness travel company Health and Fitness Travel. With an unbridled enthusiasm for travel, health and wellbeing, Samantha is committed to providing a wellness travel advisory service that empowers healthy travel, to enhance and change lives. Samantha’s goal is to bring wellness tourism into mainstream acceptance, inspiring travellers globally, to prioritize self-care and preventative healthcare.

Erin Risius

Founder, ENR Wellness Consulting, United States

Erin Risius has 25+ years in the health and wellness industry with seven of those years in executive leadership roles creating and directing immersion wellness programs. She operates a wellness consulting company that provides virtual and in-person wellness counseling, health coaching, and wellness workshops for individuals and groups in the private, corporate, and community wellness sectors. Using evidence-based practices rooted in kinesiology, mindfulness training, and health psychology, Erin provides a holistic approach to individual consultation and wellness program development.

Dr Shilpa Sreenath

Founder, FlowPsychology, India

Dr Shilpa Sreenath is a Counselling Psychologist with 12 years of experience working in the field of mental health & well being. She is the founder and Clinical Lead of FlowPsychology, a private, pay-by-use, consultation space which delivers psychotherapeutic and wellness mentoring sessions to clients across the world in a modern, non-clinical environment.
Over the last 5 years, Shilpa has advocated for and delivered ethical, evidence-based psychological care to adults and adolescents by collaborating with educational institutions, corporate employment assistance services, psychiatric institutions and Fitness focussed companies. Shilpa’s identity and professional stance as a Counselling Psychologist is underpinned by three decades of cross-cultural life experiences. This has shaped her understanding of and learning from diverse cultural, historical, socio-economic and religious contexts to the body-mind-soul connect and holistic living.