Hydrothermal Initiative Trends

2023 Trends

TREND 1: Sauna As Art and Entertainment

TREND 2: Wellness ROI Gets Real

TREND 3: Hot Springs Are Super HOT

TREND 4: Cold Therapies Continue to Fascinate – AND Drive Growth

TREND 5: Wellness-at-Home Goes Pro

TREND 6: Thanks to Technology, Energy Conservation Gets Real


2022 Trends

TREND 1: Modern Urban Bathhouses

TREND 2: Social Sauna-ing – More Experiential/Accessible Sweat Bathing

TREND 3: Cold Makes a Comeback, Especially Snow

TREND 4: Thinking “Outside the Building”

TREND 5: Wellness-at-Home Goes BIG

TREND 6: Beyond Physical Wellness: Extolling Mental Health and Sleep Benefits

TREND 7: Touchless and Self-Service

TREND 8: Fitness Meets Wellness


2021 Trends

TREND 1: In-Room/In-Suite Wellness

TREND 2: At-Home Wellness Sanctuaries

TREND 3: Aging Well and In-Place

TREND 4: Health Through Water

TREND 5: Mental Health Properties of Hydrothermal Bathing Embraced

TREND 6: Wellness for All!

TREND 7: Outdoors Is the New Wellness Hot Spot

TREND 8: Minimalistic (Easy-to-Clean) Designs


2020 Trends

TREND 1: What’s Old Is New Again: Self-Service, Touchless Bathing Circuits Hit Their Stride

TREND 2: Cultural Interest in Sweat Bathing Grows

TREND 3: At-Home Wellness Sanctuaries on the Rise

TREND 4: Cleaning, Hygiene and Guest/Staff Safety Front and Center!

TREND 5: Larger, Roomier Thermal Cabins, Staggered Entries


2019 Trends

TREND 1: Salt Therapy for Real Results

TREND 2: Kneipp Therapy Gets a Reboot

TREND 3: Getting Cold Gets Hot

TREND 4: Coed Thermal Bathing Gains Traction in US

TREND 5: Floatation Therapy in Resurgence

TREND 6: Adding Hydrothermal Wellness Elements at Home


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