Hydrothermal Initiative

2021 Trends

TREND 1: In-Room/In-Suite Wellness

There will be an increased commitment to bringing wellness and wellbeing features into the hotel guest room, in addition to the “main” hydrothermal spa area. We will see a renaissance in bringing tubs back to hotel rooms, but this time marketed for their hydrotherapy (wellness) benefits versus the fun/luxurious way in which rooms with Jacuzzi baths have been marketed in the past.

TREND 2: At-Home Wellness Sanctuaries

The self-care movement is only going to grow stronger throughout 2021 and onwards. Expect more homeowners to create “at-home” wellness sanctuaries with features that run the gamut from biophilia (bringing nature inside) to better air filtering systems to more natural lighting, finishes and furnishings, and, of course, amped up bathrooms and/or dedicated wellness rooms that include zones for mediation/yoga/exercise as well as saunas/steam/bathing. And expect more adoption of respiratory wellness, treatments like halotherapy, which may have only been available in spas previously.

TREND 3: Aging Well and In-Place

Increase in wellbeing solutions for senior living, retirement homes, senior living communities, including a huge interest in immunity-boosting activities, like hydrothermal bathing.

TREND 4: Health Through Water

Hydrotherapy is being re-examined from a serious healthcare/self-care perspective. Hot tubs and Jacuzzis are no longer seen as an extension of the cocktail bar but as a serious therapy once again. Water’s unique healing properties to facilitate rehabilitation and recovery—hot and cold wet contrast therapy can be as stimulating to the immune system as hot and cold thermal rooms. We see both standard pools and hydrotherapy pools being installed less for fun and more for wellness!

TREND 5: Mental Health Properties of Hydrothermal Bathing Embraced

COVID has given rise to the mental health benefits of the importance of enjoyable DIY bathing therapies that help relaxation and sleep as an aid to mental wellness and wellbeing.

TREND 6: Wellness for All!

With the impact of COVID-19 across the world, there will be many more who struggle financially and will not ever be able to afford “Wellness at Home” or “In-Room Wellness”—something that will prompt a surge in public wellness bathing spaces being developed across the globe.

TREND 7: Outdoors Is the New Wellness Hot Spot

More outdoor areas are being used for relaxation and wellness both at home and in the community. For example, outdoor, public saunas popularized in Nordic countries will become more common throughout the world. Another example: the huge resurgence in natural hot springs for wellness.

TREND 8: Minimalistic (Easy-to-Clean) Designs

We’ve long encouraged keeping it simple when it comes to hydrothermal areas, but now it’s more important than ever to build spaces that are safe, reliable, and hygienically “simple.” This doesn’t mean wellness areas won’t “wow” with their designs, but simplicity will rule the day (this includes easy access for cleaners and no unreachable nooks and crannies).

Bonus 2021 Trend

In 2020, the Hydrothermal Initiative named Touchless Treatments as a top trend. This is continuing in a huge way in 2021.
TREND 9: What’s Old Is New Again: Self-Service, Touchless Bathing Circuits Hit Their Stride – In addition to the myriad of technology solutions you can expect for touchless, automated entry/exit and contactless check in/out, there will also be a greater emphasis on hydrothermal areas that deliver evidence-based wellness without trained therapists and very minimal staffing. Hydrothermal bathing’s healing properties have been part of human health for thousands of years. Medical studies show regular use helps to improve the immune system; treats hypertension, cardiovascular disease and arthritis; and, crucially, improves the respiratory system (especially combined with salt inhalation therapy). We expect a greater appreciation of the ROI that this delivers in a post-COVID world. As the lines between wellness and medical continue to blur, we believe “prescriptions” for hydrothermal treatments will become commonplace.

TRENDS the Hydrothermal Initiative wants to influence/create!

TREND 10: Education on Benefits of Hydrothermal! – Alongside the list of contra-indications that are mandated outside of public hydrothermal bathing areas, we would like to promote the display of all the health and wellness benefits that they deliver versus only displaying health warning legalese.

TREND 11: Hydrothermal Inclusivity – Find ways to think outside the box, and go beyond the obvious wheelchair user’s needs, which is usually demanded by legislation anyway, but the industry will shift to focus on how to better serve those with cancer, AIDS and other immunodeficient illnesses by working with the wider medical world.